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Flower Of Life -Shea Butter Soap with Lavender Basil Essential Oil Blend. Pure Lavender Basil

Today I will be reviewing 100% Herbal Handmade soap. I have never reviewed a soap before so If I goof up anywhere please excuse me for it --- The soap I will be reviewing is Flower of Life  - Shea Butter Soap with Lavender Basil Blend Essential Oils. This soap is manufactured by Swadeshi Natures Products. Below is some background information about the organisation. You can visit their website HERE.

About the Organization: 
Swadeshi Natures Products, is considered to be a leading manufacturer and supplier  of natural and herbal products like fancy soaps, handmade natural soaps, gift soaps based on the formulae of ancient Ayurveda, Alchemy, Tibetan Treatment, and Unani. 

They use 100% pure natural herbs to manufacture our bathing products - soaps and toiletries - which have wide application areas in human life. Natural resources, plants, and herbs are used as the main source for manufacturing these products which help in reducing stress, tension, and illness by improving the immunity of our body. 

From the past, the formulae and theories of Ayurveda, Alchemy and Aromatherapy have been proven as the best medicine to cure our body and health in a natural way. Based on those concept, they manufacture a wide assortment of soaps and herbal products to keep our body free from illness, disease and stress. 

The products offered by them help in uplifting the status of mind, soul and psychology. 

Aromatherapy and herbal soaps offered by them provide complete solutions to the problems of skin, body as well as mind by invoking stability in mind and anti depressant agents. 

The offered range of soaps made of natural oils and herbs provide the best solutions to various skin problems, different rashes, and skin disorders. 

Various types of herbal soaps made of Jasmine, Lavender, and Rose Oil, Sandalwood powder soap and Lemon refreshing soaps are supplied by them. 

Apart from this, they also expertise in making 100% herbal Handmade soaps with the essential oils of Tee Tree, Cinnamon, Olive, Basil, and Black pepper.

Product: Flower Of Life - Handmade - Shea Butter Soap with Pure Lavender Basil Essential Oil Blend. 

Price: 150 INR
Quantity: 100 gms 

Claims: 100% Natural Luxurious Handemade Shea Butter Soap with Lavender Basil Essential Oil Blend.

The soap is rich in moisturizing properties and smells wonderful. The Lavender -Basil Essential Oil Blend has a light calming scent and soothes nerves. The soap forms a creamy lather and leaves skin soft, smooth, and clean.  

My Take on the Product: 

The first thing I noticed when I used this soap for the first time was the strong smell of Lavender and Basil. The moment you lather up the soap your filled with the smell of essential oils. 

The smell of the soap is strong which might irritate some people. I found the smell quite bearable. 

The downside I found about the product was that the smell does not tend to linger on even for a minute. The moment you step out of shower and smell your hands the fragrance of the essential oils has vanished away. 

I liked the creamy rich lather the soap produces which cleanses your skin perfectly. 

The Shea Butter in the product prevents over drying your skin after using the soap. 

All in all this soap is a good product which is worth trying once. 

The only thing which bothered me was the price of the product - it is expensive .. The same kind of handmade natural soaps manufactured by Khadi are available at a much cheaper rates. 

Please Note: The product was sent by the company for consideration.


  1. Handmade natural soaps are further expensive as they use finest quality of oils, herbs, and essential oils and they are made with great care and love. Plus they undergo testing on self and family before going out. My handmade lavender bars are priced double of this as I know I have put in the finest and expensive ingredients. Anything less should be doubted as these ingredients are exoensive.

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