Thursday, September 27, 2012

The revolutionary OSiS+ G Force Gel to style your hair creatively this festive season from Schwarzkopf Professional.

If you’re looking for a firm hold styling gel, but don’t want a crunchy, helmet head finish, OSiS+ G Force Styling Gel from Schwarzkopf Professional is exactly what you need.

No matter what style you’re trying to achieve, You can tease it up and keep it in place all day. G Force Texture - Strong Styling Gel goes the distance and gets your hair into a wicked hard core control. It will sculpt your hair into a rock, and keep a strong styling control even in humid conditions.

Get out of your styling rut this season and take complete control of your hair with the OSiS G.Force Styling Gel. With its extreme long lasting definition, strong texture control and hold, you'll benefit from super lasting style results along with a luxurious shine.
OSiS+ G Force Styling Gel

Features OSiS G-Force Styling Gel - 150 ml PRICE Rs 525
OSiS G Force has humectants and moisturising ingredients that provide moisturised, strong style control even in humid conditions. It leaves no flaking or residues and washes out

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dream Cluster Reviews: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

Hello Everyone !!!
After test driving a Range of Maybelline New launches. Next product on trial from Maybelline Dream Range was Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation. The Maybelline Dream Range Mousse Foundation was good. I liked the medium to heavy coverage it had to offer. A few dabs and it was great GO-To foundation when you don't want to look over - made up.

So far I have Tried and Tested - 
Dream Lumi Touch Concealer - REVIEW HERE
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation - REVIEW HERE
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - REVIEW HERE

So after trying out almost the entire range - I was looking forward to try the Winner of the lot - Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation - Beauty bloggers have been going GAGA over this one - Read on to know what I think --- 
Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation
Product: Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation.
Price and Quantity:  575INR for 30ml.
Shades: Available in 6 shades.

What it claims:
  • The Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation is the first liquid foundation to provide a unique airbrush finish for a flawless complexion and Poreless skin. 
  • It has a revolutionary formula that combines a liquid with the air-soft feel of a mousse. 
  • The product delivers on three common problems many women encounter: texture correction, tone harmonizing, and luminosity.
  • The new Dream texture provides a smoother, more even and luminous complexion. Dream Liquid Mousse brings skin the great coverage of a liquid foundation with the most comfortable lightweight feel of a mousse.
First Look at the Packaging:
It comes in a standard glass bottle with a pump dispenser. I really like the fact that this product is travel friendly - The pump can be locked and unlocked thus making it easier to carry around. I have always loved pump dispenser - It always prevents wasting the product by controlling the amount of product which is dispensed. 

Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

My Experience with the Product:

The texture of this foundation is lovely. Just dot the foundation all over your face and blend away. It blends in like a dream !! 

Although it works fine with a makeup sponge or fingers, I prefer swirling my stipling brush to give it a proper airbrush look.The foundation is successful in giving an airbrushed look over your pore area. Visible pores completely vanish away.

The result is nice matte looking face which looks amazing from far off. 

The shade " Medium" is perfect for my skin tone. The foundation give a medium to heavy coverage depending on how much you use it. 

The first time I used it, I was pretty happy with the results I achieved -  Fresh and matte look. 

The problem starts to set in after 3- 4 hours after which the foundation starts becoming shiny and oily. I have a combination skin tone which just triggers this process at a MUCH faster rate !!

You can however tackle the problem by dabbing compact all over your face - But Helloo!! Who has the time to check foundation every now n then ? I certainly DON'T !! 

Another thing to look out for - Apply the product in Excess and BOOM ! you will end up looking like a wax Statue ! 

Love it or Chuck it ? 
I am in a Love- Hate Relationship with this one. This Foundation is PERFECT FOR ALL YOU BLESSED ONES - the Dry Skinned ones !!! 

About Maybelline:
Maybelline New York is the number 1 cosmetic brand in the world at mass, available in over 118 countries. Maybelline New York combines technologically advanced formulations with on-trend expertise to create accessible cosmetics with a spirited style. For more information, log onto or find us on

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Indulge your senses with the exotic Sandalwood range from Forest Essentials this September.

Forest Essentials brings to you its latest Body fragrance range, the Sandalwood Collection. The Sandalwood range incorporates the pure oil of this aromatic wood which is renowned for its soothing and therapeutic qualities. The sensual fragrance of Sandalwood leaves the skin feeling smooth and relaxed. 

Sandalwood and Tumeric Body Polisher

Sandalwood & Vetiver Ultra-Rich Body Lotion - 200ML  - Rs 775/-

Firming | Satin Finish
The deep smoky undertone of Vetiver with lush Mysore Sandalwood is has a heady sensual fragrance. This body lotion uses burnt Cane Sugar, a humectant which attracts and seals moisture into the skin.

Mysore Sandalwood Bath & Shower Oil - 200ML -  1175/-

Sensual | Therapeutic
The pure Essential Oil of Mysore Sandalwood is renowned for its sensual fragrance and therapeutic properties. Linoleic acid is a vital healing element found in Sandalwood oil which leaves the skin beautifully moisturized.

Sandalwood & Vetiver Silkening Shower Wash - 200ML  -  Rs 675/-

Scented Soft Skin | Polished Sheen

Infused with the sensual fragrance of Mysore Sandalwood and fresh Vetiver grass. Leaves the skin smooth and silken.
The products are available at :

  • Pune
  • Bengaluru
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Jaipur
  • Ludhiana 
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi

  • Protect Your Color Treated Hair With The Newly Launched Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Freeze Range

    The chemistry that transforms hair from a mousy brown to a deep chocolate brunette or from greying blond to a golden honey may seem like magic, but the newly launched Schwarzkopf Professional’s BC Bonacure Color Freeze Range is sinfully magical as it gives your hued locks the rich and vibrant glow you have always longed for!

    Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Freeze Range


    The chemicals used in colouring treatments leave the hair cuticles susceptible to UV damage, chlorine and hard minerals in water and styling tools, which can cause fading and brassiness. The breakthrough Color Freeze formula seals the hair’s surface, glazing pigments in place for long-lasting colour, maximum shine and vibrant radiance.

    Bid adieu to dull, lifeless and lacklustre locks and reinstates the gorgeous hue of your colour treated hair with BC Boancure Color Freeze Range.

    Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Color Freeze Range

    Features: BC Bonacure Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Shampoo 
     250 ml PRICE Rs 700
    Gentle formula for soft cleansing without compromising the hair colour.

    Features: BC Bonacure Color Freeze Shine Shampoo 
    250 ml PRICE Rs 700
    Rich cleansing formula with extra care and indescent shine

    Features: BC Bonacure Color Freeze Rinse -out Conditioner  
    200 ml PRICE Rs 650
    Creamy rinse out conditioning balm to seal cuticle layer

    Features: BC Bonacure Color Freeze Spray Conditioner 
    200 ml PRICE Rs 950
    All-in-one leave- in conditioner for instant shine results

    Features: BC Bonacure Color Freeze Deep Care Treatment 
    200 ml PRICE Rs 950
     Nourishing and repairing infusion for deep regeneration.

    BC Bonacure Color Freeze Thermo-Protect Cream 
    125 gm PRICE Rs 950
    Protecting leave-in treatment even for the use of heat styling devices

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Dream Cluster Reviews: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.

    A dash of moisturizer followed by a quick blend of compact all over - Yups ! That's all I follow !! My perfect everyday makeup routine...

    A quick addition of kajal and mascara is followed if at all I am to head out with friends. I am very lazy most of the times and tend to skip a lot of steps when I apply makeup... But a good dab of compact is something I never missed.

    My combination skin demands compact all day 24*7 and Boy ! Do I have a stash of compacts lying around.... !!! The latest addition to the pile of compacts is Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.

    Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder.

    There was a lot of hype about this powder a while ago on Youtube, all the beauty gurus I had subscribed too went Gaga over it. Sadly, It was not launched in India that time.

    Finally, Maybelline  has launched its Dream Range Products here in India. They come with the complete range of products & shades to suit Indian skin tones, so that you can now find your perfect Dream finish, be it matte, airbrushed, poreless or gorgeously luminous!

    Product: Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder. 
    Price and Quantity: 475 INR for 9 gms.
    Shade: Light 

    Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder.

    What it claims:

    • The Dream Matte Pressed Powder comes with special ultra-fine particles formula, which mattifies and leaves an air-soft, ultra-silky texture.
    • The pressed powder is encased in a stylish compact and comes with a suede touch puff, which smoothes onto the skin evenly for the most beautiful matte perfection!
    • Available in 4 shades. 
    First Look at the Packaging: 

    I am quite fascinated with the packaging. It is extremely travel - friendly - I mean the powder case comes in a two- tiered compartment - the top most encloses the compact while the bottom case can be swirled to the right to reveal the powder puff (which  By the Way - is extremely awesome !!) and in-built mirror. 

    Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder.
    My Experience with the Product :

    I absolutely Love this powder !!  When I first received it  - I checked out the shade and it was "Light". I thought this shade will never match my skintone. 

    The shade worked out fine for me. The texture of the powder is silky. A swipe of the brush once - twice is enough to cover your entire face. 

    The powder goes on translucent, more in lines of a setting powder - Nice, light and minimum coverage. It gives a nice radiant look. 

    This compact is perfect for setting your foundation or just when you need a radiant soft look. It is not at all cakey and it is successful in keeping my T- zone oil free for couple of hours.

    The quantity of the powder is enough to lasts you for months.

    The powder puff provided with the product is absolutely perfect ! The application goes on smooth and nice. Also the puff is nice and thick and can be washed and reused.  

    Love it or Chuck it ?
    I Love it !! I will probably check out other shade next time.

    About Maybelline:
    Maybelline New York is the number 1 cosmetic brand in the world at mass, available in over 118 countries. Maybelline New York combines technologically advanced formulations with on-trend expertise to create accessible cosmetics with a spirited style. For more information, log onto or find us on

    Please note : The sample was provided by the company's PR for consideration.


    Long eyelashes have always been seen as a sign of femininity and beauty, the longer and the thicker they are the more beautiful, feminine and desirable they make their owner. Long eyelashes can make eyes look bigger, fuller and more inviting, but not all of us are blessed with sky-high lashes. Presenting ’The Falsies Mascara’ from Maybelline New York, world’s #1 makeup brand that enhances eyelash length, thickness and color to achieve the long eyelashes of your dreams.

     Yet another innovation from its leading mascara franchise Volum’ ExpressThe Falsies Mascara creates the illusion of long, batty eyelashes to give you the most volumized lashes ever! 

    Volum Express The Falsies Mascara

    The groundbreaking The Falsies mascara gives you a full set of voluminous and bold lashes which help you achieve volume styles to keep up with the current make-up trends. The mascara redefines volume for really long lashes and is designed to give the appearance of no gaps and spaces.

    The Pro-Keratin and Fibre enriched formula is designed to deliver immediate results. The formula helps in distributing volume and visible intensity to the lashes, and also gives 300% more visible and fuller lashes with a unique flexible wand. The spoon curler brush comes in a shape of false lashes so it's a cinch to reach every last lash. The brush fans out the lashes corner-to-corner for an ultra glam look like never before.  

    So, ditch your false lashes and try the new falsies mascara today!

    Price: Rs. 425/-

    Available:  All MNY counters across the country

    Maybelline New York is the number 1 cosmetic brand in the world, available in over 129 countries. Offering hundreds of products worldwide, Maybelline New York combines technologically advanced formulations with on-trend expertise to create accessible cosmetics with a spirited style. For more information, log on to or find us on

    GUEST POST : The Perfect lipstick !

    Hello everyone !! I am back with yet another fun post by Rita Rova. She writes cosmetic articles for; the discount and voucher code website that lists all the latest cosmetic bargains from the nation’s favourite stores.

    I do hope you enjoy reading her post ... 

    The Perfect Lipstick

    Lipstick is a cosmetic that for years has been used to emphasise the lips and enhance beauty. It is one of the staple cosmetic must-haves for women, but with the increasing number of lipstick shades and brands on the market, it can take many mistakes before you find the perfect lipstick for you.

     Perfect Lipstick
    Image Source: Mae Le on Flikr

    Consideration for your skin tone is crucial when selecting the right shade of lipstick. Many women are unaware that they need to also pay attention to their skin undertone. You can discover this by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrists in sunlight. If your veins appear to be bluish, then you have a cool undertone; greener veins mean that you have a warm undertone.

    Here are some colour options for different types of skin tones and their corresponding undertones:

    FAIR SKIN – should wear neutral tones such as apricot, pinks and light corals. It is not advisable for fair skinned individuals to use browns.
    §  Cool Undertone - choose nude, light mauve and light mocha.
    §  Warm Undertone – choose nude peach, sand and shell colours.

    MEDIUM SKIN – women who have medium skin tones can go for darker shades.  Mauves, berries and roses will look great on you.
    §  Cool Undertone – you might want to try pomegranate, rosy pink and cranberry.
    §  Warm Undertone – bronze, copper and cinnamon are the shades for you.

    BLACK or DARK SKIN – lipstick colours such as plum, red and deep brown shades such as chocolate, will be perfectly fine for this type of skin tone.
    §  Cool Undertone – you should go for ruby, red and wine.
    §  Warm Undertone – try honey, ginger or coppery bronze shades.

    Once you have settled upon the perfect lipstick colour for your skin tone, you should get to know the types of lipstick that are available to buy. There are long lasting lipsticks which stain your lips, making them last the whole day; for day time wearing, matte lipsticks can be the best choice as they are not shiny although some have a tendency to dry your lips; sheer/satin lipsticks can be a good choice for daywear too, and have the added advantage of keeping your lips hydrated; and lastly, moisturising lipsticks which can be considered as amongst the best lipsticks to use if you are prone to dry lips. Many lipsticks contain shea butter which will nurture your lips’ moisture, though can wear off easily. 

    Once you know your lipstick colour and the type that you are going to use, the application stage is critical to ensure you have a perfectly polished lipstick look. Before applying your lipstick, dab a little foundation on the outer part of your lips to guide you when you are applying. It is best to put on your lipstick straight from the tube as this makes it last longer and gives you a richer colour. In order to ensure that the edges are clean and crisp, use a lip pencil that is the same shade as your lipstick and finally, blot your lips with a tissue to avoid smearing. For a very long lasting look, repeat the application and blotting steps several times.  

     Having the right lipstick look can really bring out your feminine side, make a bold statement and make you look highly polished. If you know how to get your lipstick right, you won’t have any trouble catching the attention of those you want to notice you. So, what are you waiting for?  Pucker up and let the fun begin!

    I do hope you enjoyed the post - Let me know Whats your favorite shade ????

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    Dream Cluster Review : Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

    If you belong to our group of Oily Skinned ones - You must be well aware with our obsession of achieving that "PERFECT AIRBRUSHED MATTE LOOK". I am blessed with that same obsession, Hence I was super excited to try out this Matte Mousse Foundation when I received it... 

    The Dream franchise, voted the #1 foundation umbrella brand in the world comprises of a collection of products with revolutionary hybrid formulae, including Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation, Dream Matte Mousse Foundation, Dream Matte Pressed Powder, Dream Touch Blush and now the latest and revolutionary Dream Lumi Touch Conealer.

    Amongst all the products from Dream Range - The Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation was the first one to be launched in India few years ago. I had till date not tried this product because -  I am always working in the lab where its Hot and Humid and I certainly don't wish to end up looking like a Caked up Doll at the end of the day !!! 

    I never sport a foundation on a daily basis - Foundations are always reserved for special occasions (I SHOULD SAY OCCASION !!) - WEDDING !!!! 

    Now since I have tons of products lying around - Waiting to be tested - I have moved up a notch and have started wearing foundations on other occasions as well.. 

    So, lets see how this product fared on my skin.... 

    Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

    What is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation's Mission:
    • Revolutionary whipped formula provides an air-soft, perfect matte finish coverage with a weightless feel.
    • The Mattifying foundation leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, while providing complete coverage. Its ultra blendable formula is easy to apply and very comfortable to wear.
    • Now in 5 shades.
    G681322 ingredients, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, squalene, dimethicone crosspolymer, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, hydrogenated jojoba oil, polymethylsilsesquioxane, polymethyl methacrylate, silica dimethyl silylate, phenoxyethanol, phenyl trimethicone, disodium stearoyl glutamate, methylparaben, vinyl dimethicone/methicone silsesquioxane crosspolymer, aluminium hydroxide, silica, BHT, ethylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben, propylparaben. {+/- may contain/peut contenir: CI 77891/titanium dioxide, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77491/iron oxides, CI 77163/bismuth oxychloride, MICA}.

    Price and Quantity:  575 INR for 18 g.

    Why the RAVE about Mousse Foundations?
     Mousse Foundations are very specially formulated to better suit the skin. These foundations are easier in terms of application because they blend ever so easily into your skin. They have extra air whipped in them making them lighter and smoother - That is also the reason why they cost more.   

    Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

    First Look at the Packaging:  
    This product comes in a glass jar tub like packaging with a screw cap top. Not good for sanitary reasons - I never dip my fingers into this product - Its strictly meant to be gently dabbed with a foundation or a blush brush.

    My Experience with the Product: 

    I read a lot of negative reviews on this product before I tested it. That's the reason why I never summed up the courage to buy this foundation before. But after using it myself, I stood corrected.

    Let me sum up the negatives of the product - The jar packaging makes the product very unhygienic if we dip our fingers every time we use it. Also if you expect a total matte free skin after sporting this product on your face - Stay away !!

    The product is strictly meant to be used by a kabuki brush or a blush brush or a duo-fiber foundation brush. I have so far used a kabuki brush to apply this product and it works awesome !!

    Its very easy to go overboard with this foundation - If you apply with your fingers - You tend to end up using a whole lot of the product which in turn will make you look like a wax statue !! The moment you apply the product - you will a perfect matte look but after sometime disaster !!

    I would recommend just dip you kabuki ever so lightly once or twice ( max thrice !) and dab it all over your face. This way you get a natural perfect matte airbrushed look.

    This foundation feels very light on your skin if you have succeeded in applying the right amounts. It doesn't offer heavy coverage and gives a soft natural look to your face.

    Beware !! -- If your skin is not properly cleansed or if you have gone overboard with the product - This product will instantly start looking grainy on your skin.

    It was successful in keeping my skin oil free for 3 hours which is pretty good. Also I like the consistency of this foundation which is neither a cream or a liquid. It is a light airy mousse which blends easily into your skin.

    Once more recommendation - I would recommend you apply this foundation after using a base perfector over your skin. This way the foundation gives you a flawless look. Otherwise, The foundation tend to accentuate your fine lines and pores.

    All in all, This foundation is my GO-TO foundation - when you hop out for a quick bite with friends or  a sudden date - where you don't wish to look too made up !!

    Below are pictures of me with and without the Mousse foundation. Please excuse my DARK CIRCLES !!

    Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
    Without ANY Makeup
    Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
    Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation +Lipgloss
     Love it or Chuck it ? 
    Love it !! This is perfect for my combination skin tone !! But I am more excited to try out the Liquid version of this foundation as well.

    About Maybelline:
    Maybelline New York is the number 1 cosmetic brand in the world at mass, available in over 118 countries. Maybelline New York combines technologically advanced formulations with on-trend expertise to create accessible cosmetics with a spirited style. For more information, log onto or find us on

    Please Note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration. 

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    This Bridal Season Go Straight with MATRIX

    The graceful Indian actresses have been ever inspiring. The black kohl eyes, the bright red lips and the long straight hair. The graceful look of Anushka Sharma in the movie Band Baja Barat or exceptionally stunning appearance of Katrina Kaif in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan has made several jaws fall. The one thing that made these actresses so endearing and pleasing to everyone’s eyes are there simple yet elegant straight hair look. There's just something so inherently classic, elegant, and feminine about straight hair. This wedding season MATRIX brings to you one of their intrinsic hair services – POWER.SHINE to give you that oomph factor with naturally looking frizz-free straight hair.

    The trade mark straight hair look in Bollywood movies has definitely kept the temperature soaring for many years and is here to stay many more years to come. This has inspired young girls to go straight for various occasions. This wedding season the classic hair style is going to make many heads turn with MATRIX offering POWER.SHINE service which is an exquisite combination of the popular Opti.straight and products by MATRIX for superior straightening results. This permanent straightening service from MATRIX includes a ‘straight sealing’ treatment that not only gives you hydrated and nourished super straight hair that is feathery soft, and high in shine!

    There is a plethora of options that one can experiment with to further enhance the look and add the glamour quotient for the wedding season:

    Bling it up with accessories – One can put fancy clips on the sides or a flower to complete the look. If the attire is on the lighter shade then a perfect bright red rose can do the magic and if the fancy outfit is bright in color then a white flower will be the perfect choice for the main wedding day or the reception

    Straigh Hair with Flower accessory

    Hold it up in a quiff – A little drama can be added to the clean straight look by combing the front section of the hair towards the back of the head and spray with an ample amount of hairspray. This 50’s style is back again making a style statement which can’t be missed for the occasion specially the cocktail party at the wedding

    QuiffQuiff in Straight Hair

    Tie a high pony – A complete off the ramp look is definitely a charmer to grace any occasion. The look is extremely glamorous and goes very well with almost any kind of outfit. Though the hairstyle can work best with the traditional salwar kameez. Whether tied above or around the level of your ears this style statement is trending like never before.

    High Ponytail

    Get a middle parting – Indian earthy looks are exotic in its own simple ways. To add to the charisma the straight hair can be let loose with simple middle parting. It is also ideal if you are planning to flaunt the exquisite mang tikka which defines the bridal look

    Middle Parting



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