Saturday, September 8, 2012

GUEST POST: Why "Vanity Bag" has become very woman's companion.

Hello Beauties,
I am back with yet another Guest Post from Jenny Oliver. She left school with no idea what the future will bring. Now she is heading towards the health and beauty business.
I do hope you all enjoy reading her post.

For today’s modern woman who wears makeup almost every day, the handy cosmetic bags have become the essential carry-all kit. This indispensable storage item now has come to be known by a lot of names, such as vanity pouch, makeup kit, vanity kit, makeup purse and many others. Ladies bring it everywhere they go, and in the ladies room, the cosmetic pouch serves as a handy-dandy ‘rescue’ kit.

Revlon Emily Cosmetic Bag
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Because of its compact size, portability and storage function, women have found many other uses for the cosmetic purse. Here are some of the common reasons why the ‘vanity bag’ has become every woman’s companion:

Storage for Makeup
The primary function of the cosmetic purse is clearly for storing makeup and other cosmetic accessories. The compact size of the purse allow for a more organized and systematic storage system. Also, having a smaller, separate bag to place their cosmetic necessities in allows women to pack their cosmetic purses inside their regular, everyday bag. This makes finding cosmetic items easier and faster whenever they need to retouch.
There are also makeup kits that come with different-sized compartments that give added organization and storage functions. These compartments, or pockets, allow women to separate makeup items according to use. This, in turn, makes it easier to know which pocket contains the lipstick, mascara, or eye shadow when these items are needed right away.

Complement’s Personal Style
Cosmetic purses have the inherent ability to enhance a woman’s personal style and preferences. When choosing makeup kits, ladies usually go for the style that closely matches their personality and style. Their selected purse design shows what their fashion preferences are - whether they like being fun with vibrant and loud colors or simple yet elegant with classic styles and hues.

Money Saver
Having a makeup kit also helps women secure all their cosmetic items in one storage place. There will be a decreased chance of losing or misplacing cosmetic items thus, minimizing the need to purchase new cosmetic products every now and then. The cosmetic purse offers a great way to save money, time and effort – all at the same time.

The Travel Buddy
When travelling, having a vanity pouch is very useful whether you apply makeup often or not. These vanity pouches can also be used to store toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and sanitary napkins. It encourages women to travel light and easy as it serves as all-in-one storage where all personal items can be safely stored.

The Emergency Buddy
Vanity pouches also come in handy as emergency kits that working moms can have for their children whenever they are outside the house or in school. Emergency medicines such as aspirin and paracetamol can be easily stored, including other medical essentials such as bandages, gauze pads and masks. Of course, ladies could also take advantage of this vanity pouch turn into a back-up kit where they can load it with sanitary napkins, tissue, wipes and other feminine stuff.

Eco-Friendly Storage
Even vanity pouches come as eco-friendly products these days where bags are made out of bamboo silk, organic hemp like those from banana and pineapple plants. By advocating these kinds of materials and products, women will be able to help save the environment, while having a stylish and fashionable purse at the same time.

Certainly, cosmetic bags are one of the essentials every modern woman should have. Now it’s clear that it is not just used for storing cosmetics items but also for many other, everyday things. And with the points mentioned above, everything will be easier when it comes to choosing the perfect vanity kit for all your personal needs.

So Now that we know why Vanity Bags are so Handy. I would like to know-- How Many of you always carry your Vanity Bags with you everyday??? 
What do you carry in your Vanity Bag???



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