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GUEST POST:Get the Look:1920s Opulence in ‘The Great Gatsby’

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This Christmas, Leonardo di Caprio and Carey Mulligan will elegantly grace our screens in Baz Luhrmann's much anticipated adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic story is set among the elitist, party-going crowd of 1920s New York. For fashion lovers the anticipation of the film’s release has caused quite a stir, with the return of roaring 1920s style. Art deco, decadence, female confidence and a touch of sparkle are all the order for the day when trying to recreate an opulent, 1920s look.

Flapper Dresses

For women the clothing is opulent and stylish, displaying a bit more flesh than ever before, but still fairly tame by today's standards. A knee-length, strapless, flapper dress with a dropped waist is all you need. It's still possible to hunt out vintage pieces from specialist stores. However, the material – typically lace or silk – is often delicate and as a consequence vintage pieces are often in need of repair.

Don't be disheartened, though, because as the 1920s look gathers pace, the high-street stores will be offering their own versions. This type of dress obviously looks best on slimmer, small-chested ladies, but this opulent look can still be created for more voluptuous types. A shift dress will show off your curves and can still be accessorized with all the right pieces.

The Great Gatsby
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Shimmery Accessories

The accessories are where this outfit comes to life and this is where you add the opulence. Diamonds, pearls, diamantes: anything that shimmers. It's all about looking as if you have splashed the cash (even if you haven't) on your outfit.

Dangly pearl earrings, vintage costume rings and a number of pearl bracelets will set this look off perfectly. If you can get hold of one, a feather boa or fake fur wrap will look great, but may be too much if you don't want to take the look too far.

Colours are kept simple in golds, silvers, blacks, whites and nudes, so this should be adhered to with the accessories. This absolutely means no garish colours such as neon pink or lime.

The most important accessory is a glittery hairpiece, which is one of the iconic pieces from the era. Whilst this look is about displaying feminine wiles, it also manages to encompass some confident, masculine themes. Women over thirty had just received the opportunity to vote and were enjoying a new-found confidence. This can be seen in the short boyish haircuts and the masculine cuts of certain outfits. If you don't want to cut your tresses you can pin them up and finish the 'do with a cloche hat for a spot of sophisticated glamour. However you wear your hat or your hairpiece, be sure to finish the look with a feather or two.

If you haven't already seen the trailer for The Great Gatsby, take a peek. The sets and costumes will leave you wanting more and although you have to wait until Christmas to enjoy the film, there's no reason you can't add a dash of deco to your wardrobe while you wait.

  I particularly loved the diamante and shimmery Hairpieces from this era. Which is that one particular addition which you like from this era ???? 



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