Thursday, September 13, 2012

This Bridal Season Go Straight with MATRIX

The graceful Indian actresses have been ever inspiring. The black kohl eyes, the bright red lips and the long straight hair. The graceful look of Anushka Sharma in the movie Band Baja Barat or exceptionally stunning appearance of Katrina Kaif in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan has made several jaws fall. The one thing that made these actresses so endearing and pleasing to everyone’s eyes are there simple yet elegant straight hair look. There's just something so inherently classic, elegant, and feminine about straight hair. This wedding season MATRIX brings to you one of their intrinsic hair services – POWER.SHINE to give you that oomph factor with naturally looking frizz-free straight hair.

The trade mark straight hair look in Bollywood movies has definitely kept the temperature soaring for many years and is here to stay many more years to come. This has inspired young girls to go straight for various occasions. This wedding season the classic hair style is going to make many heads turn with MATRIX offering POWER.SHINE service which is an exquisite combination of the popular Opti.straight and products by MATRIX for superior straightening results. This permanent straightening service from MATRIX includes a ‘straight sealing’ treatment that not only gives you hydrated and nourished super straight hair that is feathery soft, and high in shine!

There is a plethora of options that one can experiment with to further enhance the look and add the glamour quotient for the wedding season:

Bling it up with accessories – One can put fancy clips on the sides or a flower to complete the look. If the attire is on the lighter shade then a perfect bright red rose can do the magic and if the fancy outfit is bright in color then a white flower will be the perfect choice for the main wedding day or the reception

Straigh Hair with Flower accessory

Hold it up in a quiff – A little drama can be added to the clean straight look by combing the front section of the hair towards the back of the head and spray with an ample amount of hairspray. This 50’s style is back again making a style statement which can’t be missed for the occasion specially the cocktail party at the wedding

QuiffQuiff in Straight Hair

Tie a high pony – A complete off the ramp look is definitely a charmer to grace any occasion. The look is extremely glamorous and goes very well with almost any kind of outfit. Though the hairstyle can work best with the traditional salwar kameez. Whether tied above or around the level of your ears this style statement is trending like never before.

High Ponytail

Get a middle parting – Indian earthy looks are exotic in its own simple ways. To add to the charisma the straight hair can be let loose with simple middle parting. It is also ideal if you are planning to flaunt the exquisite mang tikka which defines the bridal look

Middle Parting



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