Thursday, September 27, 2012

The revolutionary OSiS+ G Force Gel to style your hair creatively this festive season from Schwarzkopf Professional.

If you’re looking for a firm hold styling gel, but don’t want a crunchy, helmet head finish, OSiS+ G Force Styling Gel from Schwarzkopf Professional is exactly what you need.

No matter what style you’re trying to achieve, You can tease it up and keep it in place all day. G Force Texture - Strong Styling Gel goes the distance and gets your hair into a wicked hard core control. It will sculpt your hair into a rock, and keep a strong styling control even in humid conditions.

Get out of your styling rut this season and take complete control of your hair with the OSiS G.Force Styling Gel. With its extreme long lasting definition, strong texture control and hold, you'll benefit from super lasting style results along with a luxurious shine.
OSiS+ G Force Styling Gel

Features OSiS G-Force Styling Gel - 150 ml PRICE Rs 525
OSiS G Force has humectants and moisturising ingredients that provide moisturised, strong style control even in humid conditions. It leaves no flaking or residues and washes out



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