Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GUEST POST : The Perfect lipstick !

Hello everyone !! I am back with yet another fun post by Rita Rova. She writes cosmetic articles for LoveMyVouchers.co.uk; the discount and voucher code website that lists all the latest cosmetic bargains from the nation’s favourite stores.

I do hope you enjoy reading her post ... 

The Perfect Lipstick

Lipstick is a cosmetic that for years has been used to emphasise the lips and enhance beauty. It is one of the staple cosmetic must-haves for women, but with the increasing number of lipstick shades and brands on the market, it can take many mistakes before you find the perfect lipstick for you.

 Perfect Lipstick
Image Source: Mae Le on Flikr

Consideration for your skin tone is crucial when selecting the right shade of lipstick. Many women are unaware that they need to also pay attention to their skin undertone. You can discover this by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrists in sunlight. If your veins appear to be bluish, then you have a cool undertone; greener veins mean that you have a warm undertone.

Here are some colour options for different types of skin tones and their corresponding undertones:

FAIR SKIN – should wear neutral tones such as apricot, pinks and light corals. It is not advisable for fair skinned individuals to use browns.
§  Cool Undertone - choose nude, light mauve and light mocha.
§  Warm Undertone – choose nude peach, sand and shell colours.

MEDIUM SKIN – women who have medium skin tones can go for darker shades.  Mauves, berries and roses will look great on you.
§  Cool Undertone – you might want to try pomegranate, rosy pink and cranberry.
§  Warm Undertone – bronze, copper and cinnamon are the shades for you.

BLACK or DARK SKIN – lipstick colours such as plum, red and deep brown shades such as chocolate, will be perfectly fine for this type of skin tone.
§  Cool Undertone – you should go for ruby, red and wine.
§  Warm Undertone – try honey, ginger or coppery bronze shades.

Once you have settled upon the perfect lipstick colour for your skin tone, you should get to know the types of lipstick that are available to buy. There are long lasting lipsticks which stain your lips, making them last the whole day; for day time wearing, matte lipsticks can be the best choice as they are not shiny although some have a tendency to dry your lips; sheer/satin lipsticks can be a good choice for daywear too, and have the added advantage of keeping your lips hydrated; and lastly, moisturising lipsticks which can be considered as amongst the best lipsticks to use if you are prone to dry lips. Many lipsticks contain shea butter which will nurture your lips’ moisture, though can wear off easily. 

Once you know your lipstick colour and the type that you are going to use, the application stage is critical to ensure you have a perfectly polished lipstick look. Before applying your lipstick, dab a little foundation on the outer part of your lips to guide you when you are applying. It is best to put on your lipstick straight from the tube as this makes it last longer and gives you a richer colour. In order to ensure that the edges are clean and crisp, use a lip pencil that is the same shade as your lipstick and finally, blot your lips with a tissue to avoid smearing. For a very long lasting look, repeat the application and blotting steps several times.  

 Having the right lipstick look can really bring out your feminine side, make a bold statement and make you look highly polished. If you know how to get your lipstick right, you won’t have any trouble catching the attention of those you want to notice you. So, what are you waiting for?  Pucker up and let the fun begin!

I do hope you enjoyed the post - Let me know Whats your favorite shade ????



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