Friday, April 6, 2012

Get Ready to Face the Sun : Lakme Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 30 PA+

Earlier I had posted about Lakme announcing the launch of Sun Expert Range HERE. I have been very obsessed on using sunscreens since past few years. But somehow, Surprisingly over all these years I have never used a sunscreen from LAKME !! Yes m surprised as well  - I always had my cousins and brother get me sunscreen bottles from UK and "Soltan" was my favorite. 

So after this summer after emptying my 3 or 4 th Soltan sunscreen I was left with nothing till the Sun Expert Range Kit from Lakme arrived and the first thing I tested out from the kit which arrived was Lakmé Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 30 PA+

Let's see how this product fared -- 

Product:Lakmé Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 30 PA+
Price and Quantity: 179 INR for 50 Ml, 250 INR for 100ml.  

  •   Broad spectrum UV protection, keeping your skin looking fresh and oil-free.
  •   PA+ shields the skin from the harmful UVA rays.
  •   SPF 30 protects the skin from UVB rays.
  •   Lightweight, non- oily sunscreen with mineral clay  for superior oil control and              vitamin rich ingredients such as cucumber and lemon grass extracts to protect the skin and correct past skin blemishes.
  • Regular usage makes your skin many shades lighter.
 First Look at the Product: 
The lotion comes in a bright yellow tube like packaging which has a flip cap at the top. The flip cap shuts firmly hence it is a travel friendly product.  The lotion tends to accumulate after constant usage near the mouth which can be messy at times.

My Experience with the Product: 
There are two versions of this sunscreen - One meant for normal to dry skinned and other for oily skin. I tried using both. 

For normal to dry skin - 
The sunscreen meant for normal to dry skin is white in color and the texture of the cream is bit thicker. The white lotion has a pleasant lemon grass and bit floral scent which tends to linger on for a while. 

The thing with this lotion is that it leaves a whitish cast when you spread it onto your skin.. you have to be quick otherwise it becomes quite difficult to blend the cream into your skin.

After a quick thorough blending, the cream does leave a hint of whitish cast which disappears within few minutes as the cream is soaked into your skin. 

The lotion gives a subtle glow to your skin which is fine ... as for the claims of "fairness" is involved I don't see any difference yet.

The lotion moisturizes my skin quite well - I dont need a separate body moisturizer if I use this sunscreen. 

The SPF in this  lotion is perfect for me since I venture out in mornings when the heat is not that much. I would suggest SPF 50 or higher if you are to go out in the sun during afternoons. 

So far I have not experienced any tanning which is great.  

For Oily Skin - 

The lotion meant for oily skinned is very different from that meant for normal to dry skin. 

The cream meant for oily skinned is peach- ish orange in color and it is little light weight and runny in consistency compared to that for normal skin. 

I used this cream on my face - and I found that this cream does not leave a heavy duty whitish cast as the one for normal skinned one did. 

The cream is very easy to blend and is easily  soaked into your skin. 

The moment it sinks into your skin - it leaves a subtle glow to my skin - which is okay. It does not however work best in keeping your skin matte looking and oil free for hours. 

The scent of this lotion is different from that meant for normal skinned - It chiefly smells of lemongrass but that floral smell is missing. 

I had to stop using this cream on my face after a while as it broke me out. 

Love it or Chuck it ?
It is a decent product - I went on using the cream meant for normal to dry skinned as it suited me much better. 

Please note - The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.



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