Saturday, November 3, 2012

Say Yes to Hair Color: Casting Creme Gloss Review

Loreal Paris recently launched the Say Yes to Colour Campaign on digital which is about the benefits of using Casting Crème Gloss to colour your hair. India as you know has always been a grey coverage market but Loreal feels that given the right product, they can get the modern Indian woman to experiment with colour and bring out her individuality.

Casting Crème Gloss

Casting Crème Gloss is the perfect hair colour for women who prize quality and care over everything else. It is a no ammonia hair colourant that gives your hair rich, visible tones and a stunning glossy shine. Enriched with Royal Jelly, a naturally occurring substance known for its rare nutritive and rejuvenating quality, Casting Crème Gloss ensures that post colouring hair is left revitalized with a glossy shine. Its crème formula contains a special patented conditioning complex that helps protect the hair fibre inside and out for exceptionally soft voluptuous hair. It is easy to apply, takes just 20 minutes and comes in a do-it-yourself kit which saves unnecessary trips to the parlour. The delicate fragrance makes colouring a luxurious treat! It delivers on every aspect, quite like the modern Indian woman.

Casting Crème Gloss

For more information on this revolutionary hair colour you can visit:

The campaign aims to educate women about the benefits of colouring their hair. They would like to also get them to Say Yes To Colour! Since, most women are apprehensive about colouring their hair; they want to introduce women to the safe No Ammonia Casting Crème Gloss. They want women to rediscover themselves and try different shades from our range!

Throughout the campaign Loreal encourages women to colour their hair by busting myths related to hair colour. They have already busted a few myths on their Facebook page. Have a look at them here:

My Review On the Product:

I was pretty excited to try on this hair color, I had my cousin's engagement coming up and I wanted to try out something new for my hair. This product came at the right time - just when I needed it. 
To experience and understand the product better, Loreal gladly sent across a Casting Creme Gloss in my choice of shade. To pick a shade that suits me the best, Loreal suggested me to  take their 'My Hair My Colour' quiz here: I took the test and I picked  400 dark brown as my choice of shade. I did not wish to color my hair into something very obvious and bright !! 

The moment the hair color arrived at my place - My mom jumped on to try the product. She was super excited to try it on her hair. So, Let me first start with my mom's natural hair color -my mom has wavy hair - grey to white on the insides which are clearly visible when we part her hair. Her hair is more prone to go white near the forehead on the top and side locks. Washing her face frequently causes the color to wash off easily in these areas.  She then does touch -ups every 2 weeks where she doesn't color her hair completely but only touch up the areas where the color has faded.

So, my first impression on this product was that it appeared as any other hair color available. The words" NO AMMONIA" was the only thing that caught my attention. I was keen to see the effect the hair color will have. Casting Creme Gloss has a variety of shades to choose from which is a huge plus point for this product. 

Casting Crème Gloss

The hair color comes in a pink colored box packaging which claims that the color covers away grey and imparts satin. glossy and soft feel to it. The box also features a small chart - kind of color chart which shows "before" and "after" effects this hair colorant will have on your hair. 
I personally feel that this chart are never precise in nature and I suggest you be the judge and try out the shades personally. 

Casting Crème Gloss

Opening the box - it featured standard things you find in a hair color : Instructions leaflet, Developer creme, Color creme, conditioner and HUGE Gloves !! The  developer creme bottle had a nozzle to it which made the hair color application process very easy. 

I really liked the fact that there was no pungent, nasty smell when the formulation was prepared and the formulation was just right in consistency it did not drip anywhere - The result of this hair color was also amazing, it was very natural looking and also imparted a shine to my mom's hair. The hair color is not very intense and needs to be applied again to acheive the intensity which you desire. Also the color faded slowly after 10 washes.  

Since the hair color didnt contain ammonia, the hair color did not have any adverse effects on my mom's hair. I had pretty bad experience when I had used garnier hair color years ago... 

I really liked the overall effect the hair color had on my mother's hair ... Since my hair is long I think I ll need to buy another box of this same shade to color my hair. I would suggest this hair color to all you beauties out there who wish to experiment something new with their hair. 

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.      

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