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GUEST POST: How to Choose the Best Quality Handbags

Whether you take your handbag while travelling, for a fine evening party or wandering to get a handbag that serves more than its normal functionality like keeping various bills, receipts, accessories and so on. Then you should make sure to get a right bag that serves all your needs before you buy it. Picking a right quality handbag is one of the important aspects that aid in looking attractive and stylish. Here are a few tips that help you choose the best quality handbags.

How to Choose the Best Quality Handbags

§  Look for well finished lint, straps, stitches and edges of the handbag: Hand purses are not just meant for the sake of making a style statement; it carries a lot of load. So, make sure to buy quality ones. Don’t just rely on the words store claims that the bag is a high quality one and don’t tend to buy it immediately without examining the bag properly.  You can even choose a quality bag by examining stitching spaces, sloppy if any. Change it immediately, if you find any kind of damages.

  Decide on material: Look at material and determine whether the bag is appropriate for your style. Material plays a significant role in ensuring long life to the bag and durability. I is also one of the quality factor.

How to Choose the Best Quality HandbagsHow to Choose the Best Quality Handbags
Lining: Check for thick and durable lining. Lining that is made up of nylon, leather, wool and vinyl lasts for a longer period. Also inspect for any seams or holes inside or outside the pockets of the bag.

Decide on a colour: Choosing the colour depends on the occasion when and where you use your bag. If you want to use your handbag for every day needs then try with neutral colours as they would not look very old even after regular use.

 Size of the bag: Make sure the size of bag suits your body personality. Select bags that are proportional to your body frames. For example, if you are petite try using smaller bags than using bigger handbags that overpower your body frame. A hand bag should not look as if you are carrying luggage.

Set a budget: Price is also an important issue while buying handbags, to buy a high quality bag; you do not have to break your bank account. Just set a budget to buy a purse within the amount. You need to put a reasonable amount to get high quality handbag and make sure you spend for a well-designed, crafted and a made bag. 

Test: Check for straps and strap attachment. Consider tugging it gently to test the strength of the stitches and handles. Test clasps and zippers and make sure they work properly.

Brand name: Most branded bags carry half of the cost of its brand name, although brand bags are good for its durability, you must ensure to check its functions regardless of brand name, high price tag before purchasing.

Handbags are considered accessories for storing things of privacy.

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