Saturday, August 6, 2011

All About Packs !

Your daily Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing routine will cleanse the outer layers of your skin. Adding a face pack once a week will take your cleansing deeper.

What does a face pack do? A face pack deep cleanses your skin by penetrating deep into the pores to remove impurities, dead skin cells and excess oils. It keeps skin hydrated by restoring its water content, leaving it soft and supple.
Face packs also brighten skin by lightening spots, blemishes and pigmentation.

How to choose a face pack?
Firstly, you must know your skin type in order to choose the right face pack.
Secondly, look for natural ingredients like saffron, neem, papaya, apple, aloe vera in your packs as these are gentler on the skin.

If you have normal skin
You are lucky! However, even normal skin needs a skincare regime.
We recommend: Himalaya Fairness Face Pack. An easy-to-apply pack with Saffron, Turmeric and Aloe Vera. Saffron and Turmeric improve skin tone and lighten spots. Aloe Vera is well-known to hydrate skin.

 If you have oily skin
You have overactive oil glands! The oil glands produce more sebum, giving the skin a greasy shine.
We recommend: Himalaya Clarifying Mud Pack. Enriched with Fuller's Earth and Walnut, the face pack deep cleanses skin by absorbing excess oils and removing impurities.

If you have dry skin

Your skin produces less sebum. As a result, the skin may flake and look lackluster.
We recommend: Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack. A fruity punch to get rid of dull and patchy skin. It has Apple, a rich source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), for nourishing skin. Fig and Cucumber for relieving dryness. Papaya helps in lightening blemishes.


If you have pimple-prone skin
You need to take care of your skin without aggravating the condition.
We recommend: Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Pack. An instant pick-me-up for pimple-prone skin. It has Neem, a time-tested herb known for its antibacterial properties, that keeps skin troubles at bay. Turmeric, with its antiseptic properties, improves complexion and fights blemishes.

Remember to remove the pack off your face gently. Wash with lukewarm water and apply an ice pack to close the pores.

Please note: Press Release provided by the company.


  1. :-D i will try the one thats for dry skin!! thanks for the post

  2. please do check out my blog :) me following you!!

  3. sure zatz . . . ll surely check out ur blog

  4. I'm using their neem face pack & it's very effective! Thanks for sharing :D

  5. Hey Rids I have a combination skin type with oily t zones.. which one do u suggest.. I always wanted to try Himalaya face pack was not sure which one to choose :(

  6. @ rakshanda - thnk u gal .. i agree their face packs r damn nice . . . :)

    @ rekha - - i have used their fruit pack and neem pack and I ABSOLUTELY LUV THEIR NEEM PACK ... it works wonders. . .

  7. @rids very useful info baby phir i have a doubt actually i used this fairness pack i still have d tube with me can u jus temme how to apply it cus wen i applied usin the directions given ond pack it wasnt workin effectivey is thr any pther method to apply this ??

  8. Thnks sush .. M sorry but i hv not tried fairness pack yet .. Other packs r all simple to use ..apply d pack on yr face n keep for twenty mins ..wash it off simplee


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