Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oriflame Blackhead Astringent

Oriflame has a great range of products which can be used by everyone including the men. The different products are specifically designed for all the different skin types making Oriflame a popular choice among everyone.

I had got Oriflame's Blackhead astringent some time back when my skin was troubled with lots of acne and comedones. Although I don't suffer from blackheads - I thought of giving this product a try to see if works on my comedones or  not.

Hence after using this astringent for quite sometime ...Here's my take on the product.

Product: Oriflame Pure Skin Blackhead Astringent.
Price & Quantity: 398 INR Rupees for 150ml

Claims: A powerful wipe-on astringent, effective in tackling blackheads. With salicylic acid to cleanse pores. Sweep over face to remove excess oil and get rid of dead skin cells.

My views on the product:
This product comes in a big blue bottle with screw cap top.
I use to apply a bit of the astringent after washing my face and it instantly calms your skin and helps in controlling the redness of skin due to acne.
The product effectively removes away the dirt that the cleanser was not able to wash away from your skin.
I can't really comment on the blackhead removal but yeah it was successful in preventing formation of new comedones on my skin.
It did nothing to the existing comedones on my skin.
All in All - It is a very effective product for us oilies out there. 


  1. try kuheli ... it is worth a try

  2. i want to use a toner but i have combination skin do you think it will suit me..

  3. hey soft - i also hv combination skin .. n dis workd juss fine on my skin... also oriflame has blackhead toner too if u wish to use toner

  4. blackheads!! such a messy problem na :( nice review rids :)


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