Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back in Action - Bring it ON !!!!

Hello everyone !!!! I have been away for quite sometime now from the blogsville but now I am back !!! I have missed your posts a lot and I will do my best to catch up with each one of you  :)

It was such a crazy mess for past few weeks  - My life in the lab was a huge mess - Had a BIG Directorial Committee meeting which had come to judge my project - OH That story is so long !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I landed up taking responsibility of a cultural event - which was a huge success !!!

Everything ended well and I am going to treat myself with a holiday trip to Bangkok later at the end of this month !! Waiting for lots of fun to happen there....

All in all - Now I am completely charged up and Back in action - Hope to see you drop in here again and I will be surely visiting you to catch up !!




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