Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Happy Heathly Hair : Herbis Hair Oil.

With this crazy lifestyle we all are leading - It certainly takes a toll on our body, skin and hair. I had the most wonderful locks when I was in school - Healthy and shiny hair. Over the time - I am facing the problem of hair fall, dry scalp and dull lifeless hair with no volume whatsoever.

I follow a strict routine when it comes to hair care. I always oil my hair before shampooing. I have been very regular and never skip oiling my hair. I have tried almond oil, coconut oil, Bottle Gourd Oil (YES!), Amla oil. Uptil Now I was using Oriflame's Wonder oil which was working fine for my hair.

Then I was contacted by Herbis Natural Products which offered me to test out their all natural formulated har oil which boasted to combat many hair related problems.

Herbis Natural Products is the brainchild of Mohit, Faiza & Wamika Kapoor. All the products have been specially formulated by Padma Kapoor who takes a keen interest in chemical-free, hand-made herbal products.

Product: Herbis Hair Oil.
Price and Quantity: 280 INR for 100 ml.
Available at - www.craftsvilla.com

What the Product Claims:
Made with over 25 ingredients , this home made hair oil uses thistles which is renowned for making hair lush and healthy. It thickens hair while adding body and shine. Removes loose dandruff flakes. Naturally conditions.

My Experience with the Product:

After I finished school I completely stopped oiling my hair. I continued this till I reached 12th grade and then the problem of thinning hair and hair fall started. That's when I got back to oiling my hair before shampooing to cure my hair problems.

Uptil Now I have used many oils - almond oil suits my hair the best. When I started using Herbis oil - I was curious to find out whether the oil lives upto the claims it promises.

Herbis Oil is 100% ayurvedic which is good and I was hoping it will show some effect on my hair.

The oil comes in a plastic bottle with white screw cap top and is dark green in color. The smell is very peculiar - reminds me of some ayurvedic, homemade oil that my mom had made ages ago.

I have used this oil for 2 weeks now and it has managed to make my hair smooth, shinier and healthy looking.

The oil does a good job for my dry scalp too. Although I don't see the voluminous effect in my hair yet - I guess continuous usage will show some results.

It does tackle my hairfall problem to an extent.

I love the effect the oil gives to my scalp and hair when you massage warm oil on your scalp and leave it overnight.

I would certainly recommend this oil for people with dry brittle hair as it extensively conditions your hair.

The texture of the oil is on a thicker side so I would recommend using a spare towel to avoid stains on your pillow when you sleep.

Love it or Chuck it ? 

Definitely Luv it ! I recommend this oil to everyone who is battling from  dry hair and hairfall problems.

Lastly, What hair problems do you suffer from and yeah - Which hair oil suits you the best??
Please let me know...

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.



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