Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another BB Cream in the market !! : Vedic Line Plus BB Cream

When MNY BB Cream stormed our blogosphere - It was an instant HIT !! Now that Indian Company - Vedic Line launched their new range of products - Vedic Line Plus which includes BB Cream as one of its products - I HAD TO TEST IT OUT !!!!

Product: Vedic Line Plus BB Cream.


This blemish balm cream serves as a foundation for application of make up and protects the skin from UV rays for upto 12 hours. Does not come off easily by sweat or sebum and leaves the skin spotless and wrinkle free.

Use it daily, directly or after absorption of Moisturizer, Serum or Essence. For imperfect areas apply extra layer of BB cream.

First Look At the Product: 

The BB Cream comes in a tube packaging - Fuschia color tube with a screw cap - I wish a flip cap opening would have been much easier to deal with . Other than that It’s a travel friendly tube. The consistency of the cream is neither too thick nor too thin with somewhat floral aroma. 

My Experience with the Product: 

The first time I applied the cream - I took too much and it made me look tanned !! The cream has pink undertones which makes my skin look weird if I apply too much of it. 

The texture of the cream is just right - It makes it very easy for application on the face. The next time I applied the BB Cream - I was extra careful and took a teeny pea sized amount of the product and dabbed it onto my entire face. 

The result was a radiant dewy look. I have combination skin type and it manages to stay on my skin for 2-3 hours easily after which it makes my T-Zone look oily.

Right now, This BB Cream comes in one shade only - but its fine as the shade is mostly perfect for Indian skin tones. 

I guess people with oily skinned wont like this BB Cream too much - It will work best for people with dry to combination skin types. 

It does not help in concealing your imperfections at all. It doesnt help in lightening or concealing my dark circles as well. 

This cream does not help much in summers for oily skinned. My T-Zone is very troublesome !! I tried touching it up with matte powder - didnt help ! 

Otherwise, This BB Cream is perfect for people who are blessed with dry skin with less imperfections... Do try it !!!  

Love it or Chuck it ? 
I will give this one a pass - Definitely not made for me. 

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.



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