Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Skin: Pond's White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Day Cream

I usually don't go shopping for moisturizers for my face ... Never ! I have oily skin as it is and Hence I refrain applying anything on my face except for sunscreen and compact. So when I was offered to test out Pond's Newest product from their whitening skincare line - I was not sure whether this will work for me or not.

I have never been into the "whitening" and "brightening" mumbo-jumbo. I started using this cream anyway and its been 4 weeks now since I am using it -- 

Here's my account on the product -

Product: Pond's Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Cream. 


Pond’s Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Cream “visibly whiten skin, giving it a natural, flawlessly radiant look; VAO-B3 complex fade away dark spots and blemishes; moisturizes, for soft and smooth skin; protect against the sun’s UVA/UVB rays”.

First Look at the Product: 

This product comes in a luxurious glass tub packaging with a pink screw cap top. Apart from the "Pretty" packaging - The heavy tub is not at all travel friendly. The product is bulky and you always have to take care that you don't end up breaking the glass tub while handling. 

My Experience with the Product: 

The first thing I noticed when I applied this cream was that this cream smelled and reminded me of a cream which was available a long time ago  (dunno whether its still available or not) - The Afghan Snow Cream. My mom was crazy for that thing .... this cream instantly brought back the memories of sweet smell of that cream.

I love the texture of the cream - it has a mousse- like consistency and it Literally takes seconds for this cream to get absorbed into my skin. You need only minute quantity of the product for your entire face. The cream somehow adapts to your skin and brings out the best results.

The product has a wonderful smell and makes you feel like your using a spa product. 

I love the effect the cream has on my face - It instantly give my skin - Clean, Radiant and  Matte Look. The application of cream followed by compact is very successful in maintaining oil free look for hours. It also makes the pores on the skin appear smaller.

As for whitening effect - I am sad to say - I haven't noticed any difference in my dark spots or lightening in my skin tone. The cream gives you radiant look the moment you apply it but then its back to normal after sometime. 

I like the fact that this cream is successful in giving you that BARE FEELING - As if your not wearing anything on your face.

The cream also gets bonus points for not giving me any break- outs or allergy reactions. 

I have tried this cream as a base for my makeup. My protocol starts by applying the cream, followed by hiding the blemishes with the help of a concealer, followed by applying mineral foundation and lastly loose powder. The makeup surprisingly stays put for hours. 

All in all, I am quite happy with the results the product is delivering. 

Love it or Chuck it? 
LOVE IT !! I will recommend this product to everyone with oily/ combination skin tone. 

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for Consideration




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