Friday, July 6, 2012

Auravedic Pure Calming Face Mist

A good face mist is a boon for all those who suffer from dry skin. Although we use dry skin products - sometimes our skin needs hydration after every few hours - specially in winters. Facial Mist is a savior  when you constantly work in an air-conditioned room for the most of the day because staying inside an air conditioned room for most of the day causes our skin to dehydrate. And in such times - a good calming face mist is the only quick solution to fix the problem.

One such mist I will be reviewing today is Auravedic Pure Calming Face Mist.  

Auravedic Pure Calming Face Mist

Product: Auravedic Pure Calming Face Mist.

Price and Quantity: INR 200/- for 100 ml

What it claims:

This gentle antioxidant Facial mist delivers nourishing moisture to balance and hydrate all skin types. Blended with pure fragrant organic oils, Aloe vera and Green tea to tone and repair skin. This mist is just the thing to keep your skin feeling soft, hydrated and moisturized without looking and feeling oily. Aloe vera soothes and refreshes skin.
Neroli and rose infuse skin with antioxidant nutrients that protect skin against environmental stresses that damage skin. Free of Parabens, SLS, Harmful Chemicals & Colours.

My Experience with the Product:

The mist has really great as it has helped me in the heat of the summers to keep my skin hydrated and fresh.
Close your eyes and spray this mist directly on your face while holding the bottle four to five inches away from your face. I let the mist to sit on my face and allow it to air dry.
Only one spray of the mist is enough to refresh me with its calming smell of roses and hydrate my skin.
I have also used this mist to set my makeup - The mist acts like a finishing spray to set my makeup. It does a good job.
Auravedic Face Mist
The mist also seals in moisture into the skin and keeps the skin moisturized.
I also experimented by mixing this mist along with my face-pack and I quite liked the results it gave - A subtle nice glowy skin.
The mist is perfect as it is very light, doesn't cause any irritation and most importantly it is not at all greasy.
 I use this mist the instant I step inside the house after facing the heat to instantly cool off my skin.

This facial mist is great skin care aid and a product mixer. Below are some of ways you can use face mist sprays --
  • Use it on your face before applying moisturizer to seal in hydration. 
  • Use it as a facial mask - (Just like the one I reviewed recently - Neutrogena's Deep Whitening Mask) Apply the mist generously on facial cotton pads and let it sit on your face for 15 mins. 
  • Use it to set your makeup. 
  • Use it as a mixer for your face packs. 
Love it or Chuck it ? 
Definitely love it !!! I will recommend everyone to pick this product up - It offers great Spa Treatment for your face when you are stressed out !!!  

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.



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