Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fruity Treat :Nyassa Fresh Raspberry Handmade Soap

A good relaxing long and lazy soaking hot bath is all that I seek after a long tiring stressful day. I hardly find the time for such relaxing baths everyday of the week. But every weekend, I pamper my body to such treats and that's when its products such as this one - helps the most. 

Nyassa's Handmade Soap Bar is a boon to my senses - Read on further and you will know why --- 
Fresh Raspberry handmade soap

Product: Fresh Raspberry Handmade Soap
Price: 200 INR

nyassa handmade soap

What's its mission ?
The essence of sweet summer raspberries, ripe and ready to fall off the vine.

For best results, a rub or two will give excellent lather and the soap will last much longer. Please keep the soap dry between use. For all skin types.

Naturally Pampering Ingredients: 
Soap Base, Essential oil/Fragrance and colour. Best before 12 months from manufacture/100% vegetarian. 

Handmade soap

Brief Introduction about Nyassa -  
Nyassa has its origin in a Sanskrit word that means healing through touch by chanting tantras and mantras. The result. A divine body. But Nyassa is also a dream, our dream, born out of our passion for making natural bath and body products. Ishween Anand, the visionary behind Nyassa, left her cushy finance job in New York to pursue her passion for fragrances in India. She first started selling luxurious bath and body products on weekends at the Atria Mall in Mumbai in April 2007. Her vision was to create a beautiful product that was mild on the skin and left a wonderful lingering fragrance.

It is with this philosophy that Nyassa embarked upon creating aesthetic products in rich textures and sensuous aromas. But for your skin to maintain its youthful vitality, the product also has to work harmoniously with it. And that's why we only use the finest ingredients, keeping them wholesome, pure and natural to the extent possible. Our processes have been learnt from many experts from around the world. The final product is a work of art. Tantalizingly fragrant. Gloriously beautiful. And gentle on the skin. Nyassa's expertise lies in evoking feelings through fragrances. Fond childhood memories. That first romantic kiss. Lying down on the beach. A walk under the starry skies. And many, many more… Reach out to all these special moments. Only with Nyassa.

My Experience with the Product - 

The soap bar is a transparent luscious red coloured bar with a green coloured topping.

I absolutely love using this soap. The handmade soap is very aromatic and instantly makes you feeling fresh with its sweet rich aroma.

The soap contains essential oils and contains coconut oil which doesn't extensively dry out your skin. It lathers up very easily. 

Nyassa handmade luxury soap

Unlike other handmade soaps which I have tried before, this one doesn't melt easily if you keep it dry after each time you use it in the shower.Its been more than 3 weeks -  I am still using the soap everyday - It has lasted me for quite sometime now without becoming all gooey and soft. 

The soap is absolutely a delight to use - it will leave your skin pampered and is completely skin -friendly - it has not given me any break outs or allergic reactions. 

Love it or chuck it ? 
I absolutely love it ! I am very eager to try out other fragrances that Nyassa has to offer.... 

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.



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