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GUEST POST: The Essential Guide to Smokey Eyes

Hello Everyone, I would like to welcome our Guest post writer - Sophie, a MSc Graduate who is interested in Fashion, Beauty and Music !! She has offered to write a post today on Smokey Eye Look - - I do hope you find this post useful --- Enjoy !!!!! 
Smokey eye look
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Smoky Eyes have been seen on plenty of catwalks lately. Traditionally, the smoky eyes look uses blacks, greys, browns or dark greens, but the colours we have been seeing are bright and bold. Many women are put off doing even the traditional smoky eye look because they fear it's too technical, but actually anyone can do it. Here's a simple five step guide to smokin' eyes..

1. Create a Base

Because the look is quite dramatic, it requires sufficient concealer and base in order to carry it off. For under eye concealer try to find a shade slightly lighter than your own skin. Then apply concealer to your eyelid or alternatively use an eyeshadow primer. Either of these will provide you with an even yet textured base which will hold the eyeshadow.

2. Applying the Kohl

If you find it hard to part with your liquid eyeliner, then this is the bit you'll find tricky. For the smoky eyes look you really need to use kohl (eyeliner pencil) instead as it creates the correct smudged look. Start by using your kohl on the top lid. Start at the inner part and draw all the way along. Don't worry too much about keeping the line straight as it is going to get smudged anyway, just be sure to keep it very close to the lashes and darker towards the lashes too. Do the same along the bottom, but if you are having trouble drawing a line just dot the kohl under and between the lashes. Then get either a blender brush, smudger or cotton bud and smudge the kohl along the upper and lower lines.

3. Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is an important part of this look and whilst the latest trends have seen bright colours, it's best to stick to the classic darks if you are new to it. Choose a grey, dark green, brown or black but never blue, eyeshadow. Brush the shadow on your eyelid increasing the colour out and up as you go.

4. Emphasise the Browbone

This look is very striking but to make sure it has full effect, apply a light eyeshadow or a small amount of illuminator underneath the brow bone which will balance the look of the dark eyes.

5. Finishing Touches

The rest of your face can be kept fairly neutral. Mascara is important though to carry off the look. Make sure it is applied well to the lower part of the lashes. Keep lips light and neutral, in fact just some lip balm should do the trick. A small amount of blusher will also help give your face structure.

This look is perfect for a night out where you want to make sure you get noticed. It's fine to wear during the day to the office, just keep the lines a bit thinner and then don't build up the eyeshadow quite so much. Once you have done this a couple of times it'll be an easy look you can pull off quickly and simply.

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