Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beautee Naturelle Introduces New Range of Gifts Baskets

Due to popularity of the products as gifts, Beauté Naturelle is  launching a range of customizable gift baskets, suitable for general gifting, weddings, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries and so on:

Fleur de L'amour (Flower of Love) Basket
Divinité 4 DIVINE Handcrafted Bathing Bars Rs. 350
Sensualité Tvam shower gels: Set of 2: Woody Sandalwood and Honey (Sensual) and Lavender and Ylang-Ylang (Relaxing) Rs. 650
Aromathérapie 3 tvam soaps (Cinnamon-Patchouli, Berberry, Sea Buckthorn or Ginger Lime) Rs. 1,050
Fleur de L'amour (Flower of Love)
Rose Addiction Body Butter, Scrub and Lotion Rs. 1,200
Escapade Honey Bees Buzz lotion, Sunscreen, 1 Divine soap, Lip Balm Rs. 1,250
*Prices are inclusive of assembly and packing charges

Aromathérapie Basket

Escapade Basket
  • Eco-friendly wicker basket
  • Silver/Gold/Indigo/Iridescent/Multicolored nest of shred the products will rest on
  • Silver/Gold/Pink mesh encircling the basket and a white/gold ribbon tying it all together.
  • A lovely handwritten note with whatever you want Beauté Naturelle to say, tied with gold thread or red ribbon.

 The baskets can be ordered here: http://naturelle.in/Products.aspx?CatId=18
 Check out their site HERE   

I am eyeing on Flower of love Basket - Which one you like? ??



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