Friday, July 8, 2011

Makari De Suisse Clarifying Cream

Makari was kind enough to let me try out some of their products and express my opinion about them. Makari De Suisse is a leader in advanced skin whitening products in India and over 50 countries worldwide. I was so curious to see if the product lives upto its claims - so after using it for a while ..Here's my review. . 

Product: Makari De Suisse Clarifying Cream
Price: 1600 Rupees
Quantity: 75ml

About Makari De Suisse clarifying cream (hand, foot, elbow):

A formulation specifically made to lighten skin tones at pigmented areas on knuckles, elbows, knees and feet.
As an answer to a very common problem: dryness and discoloration at the hand, feet, knee, and elbow level, we created this clarifying, hydrating, and nourishing cream. This luxurious formula melts into the skin to help clarify and even tone the darker spots of ones body like knuckles, fingers, elbows, and knees. Supreme softening and surface smoothing make this ultra-rich hand and feet balm a best-seller.
Skin Type and Usage Directions:
This product is suitable for all skin types. Use on dark pigmented areas on knuckles, knees, elbows and feet. Apply twice a day while gently massaging into skin.

My experience with the product: 
The first thing I noticed when I used this cream for the first time was the consistency of the cream. The cream is rich in texture and is oily a bit. 
The cream takes a while to get absorbed into the skin but once its absorbed, it leaves your skin soft and supple. 
It doesnt leave your skin oily and greasy which I liked.
The cream has a mild fragrance which is not over- powering. 
This cream provides moisturization like no other cream. The rich texture of the cream hydrates your skin all day long.

Not So Good Parts: 
The cream has parabens in it. 
It is also a bit pricey.
I used this cream on my foot and elbows because the skin has darken due to constant exposure to the sun - I did not see any change in my skin tone. 

Love it or chuck it ? 
I will give this one a pass. . .

Please note: Product sent by the company's PR for consideration. 


  1. True Rids...even I am not seeing any commendable effect!! Nice review.

  2. yups pooja ... me too didnt c change . . .

  3. nice review rids.. i'm to get their exfoliating soap lets c how tht turns out to be :)

  4. thnk u nidhi ... soap is nice ! :)

  5. even I did not notice any much of a change with dis..

  6. Hehe sameee wid me bhumiii

  7. Nice review Rids..too bad it dint work..

  8. But Rids, it helped me with my acne a lot.
    It all depends on the skin

  9. Nivedita - this is not the acnyl cream ... This is their moisturizer cream ... the review of their acnyl cream is yet to be published. . . :)

  10. Oops! I think I confused. Oh, ha, this is the foot cream

  11. Hi
    I just bought the Clarifying Cream, Hand,Foot,Elbow.
    And after reading some of the reviews, am sort of disappointed if it doesn't work. Any ideas what to use for the hands...

  12. I wrote the above remark. Hope someone can suggest some good cream for hands and feet.
    Thanks SS


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