Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kkcenterhk White Glue Cosmetic Lady Double Eyelid/Eyelash Glue - M106A

KKCenterHK was kind enough to send me a lash glue when they sent me false eyelashes for review purposes. I am very naive at using eyelashes and glue. This all was very new to me and also i was worried about using a glue on my eyelids thinking "what if it caused some kinda reaction?" 

So when i used this product for the first time - I was very careful and alert to observe for any kind of changes and look out for any reactions. I was pleasantly surprised after using this product and Hence decided to review it. 

Product: Cosmetic Lady Double Eyelid/Eyelash Glue
Quantity: 12ml
Price: USD 5.21$
Item Number: M106-A

 My Take On The Product: 
Clear Eye Lash glue is safe for use about the eyes and is absolutely  non-irritating. 
It is waterproof - which is another great point about this product.
This glue can be used to create double eyelid look for people with monolid. 
The glue initially starts out as a aqueous solution and then ends up as a sticky consistency which makes gluing the eyelashes to your eyelids easy. 
The clear glue ends up looking very natural on your eyes. The white glue ends up being transparent when it dries off.  
The glue dries off in a good amount of time - about a minute. 
It also held the false eye lashes well.
The application of the glue is very easy with the help of the fine, long brush.

Love it or Chuck it? 

I have no complaints. :)

KKCenterHK have some great products and deals - Do check out their website HERE.


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