Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nature's Brilliance by Sue Deodorant Body Powder

I travel by Mumbai local for six years now .... everyday travelling to and fro from home to college and back ! And the WORST Thing in these locals is PEAK HOURS TRAVELLING - thats when i travel ..early morning when people are rushing to work .... CROWD, HEAT AND SWEAT = Lethal combination !!!

 I carry a small perfume and deo bottle with me in my bag - to get rid of the stinking smells i have to face in the morning . . .  So when Sue send me this deodorant Powder i happily used it for weeks and carried it around with me to test its capabilities. . . .

Product: Deodorant Body Powder By Nature's Brilliance.
Price: USD 5 $
Composition:Organic Arrowstarch Starch, White Cosmetic Clay (Kaolin), and Baking Soda. Scents created from Essential Oils.
Available in 12 variants from Peppermint to orange and rainforest.

My Experience with the Product: 

It lives upto its claim of getting rid of body odor.
It stays on yr underarms for 3-4 hours easily.
The smell lingers on for hours and its very fruity,citrus and nice.
The texture of the powder is little coarse.. cannot be used on the face.
A little quantity can go a long way. :)

Love it or chuck it ?
Love it - this powder is perfect for summers to keep you charged and refreshed for hours.

Please note: This product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.


  1. i looove citrus smelling products <3 thanks for the review rids :-) and also thanQ so much for the awards :-)) :*


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