Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun Event By Femina and Lancome - "A Date with Beauty"

As you must be knowing by now that I attended the Lancome India and Femina's 'A Date with Beauty' at the Taj Mahal Hotel on 17th September. I personally enjoyed the event a lot since I met so many friends at the event. The event started with introduction to brand Lancome, its history, knowing about some of its renowned products. It was very impressed on the fact that they actually test products in-vitro which refers to studies of biological experiments that are done in a test tube rather than in human or animals.

The event also introduced about their much talked about product - Genefique and their new launch Visionnaire which is due out in October. It claims to give you the perfect skin, such that the volunteers who used it changed their minds about getting any cosmetic procedures done on their skin like Microdermabrasion,chemical peeling etc.

This was followed by a session with Dr Varun Katyal, dermatologist and anti ageing expert who talked about the importance of sunscreen - the Do's and Don't. He kept stressing on the fact that one may skip a moisturiser, but NEVER a sunscreen. One should use a sunscreen according to their skin types, like gel based for oily skin or a lotion or a thicker texture for dry skin.

This session was followed by FUN - where a few Lancome products were tried according to the skin type on your skin. The Lancome representatives were very informative and guided you on tips of how to take care of your skin on daily basis. 

Lancome's senior makeup artist Stafford Braganza was also present with his team to offer makeup session to everyone.  

I had too much fun at this event where I got to meet friends from my Maybelline's secret group - The Beauty Brigade. I also had a chance to meet Ankita Chaturvedi of Corallista makeup blog and Bhumika from Mehndi and Makeup by Bhumika

Lastly, I got goodie bag from Lancome - -  Enjoy the pics !!! 


  1. Hey looks like it was fun! Sad that i have never been to any such events :(

  2. was fun na..u must have enjoyed..

  3. @ tanvee - Yups .. it was super fun . . .

    @bhumika - ya re ... it was fun meeting everyone ... me was busy chit chatting n giggling ... hehehehe ...

  4. Wow..seems lyk a gud experience Rids :) Have fun wit d goodies :)

  5. Wow! i'm so delighted to know that lancome doesn't test on animals! I thought they did! yaaayyy! Now i can buy their products happily :D *happydance*

  6. Wooow!! The event looks really nice and yes! The goodies!!

  7. @ shweta - yups d event was v nice .... ll let ya knw act d goodies...

    @ siri - yups even i thought they tested on animals... Spurge yrself with lancome now siri.....

    @ nivedita - hehehehehe....

    @ vanity - yups definitely....


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