Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maybelline New York's Beauty Editors Meet

As a part of Maybelline's Secret group and a Blogger - I was invited to the Maybelline New York Beauty Editor's Meet on 23rd September at Olive Bar and Kitchen. The meet was basically a fun makeup party event which was attended by editors of various fashion magazines, few members of Beauty Brigade, their PR managers and the Maybelline staff. 

Tempting Fruit Shots ! 

Before the event, I was formally introduced to the work forces behind the Brand "Maybelline" - The PR Head was very warm and accommodating who introduced me to MNY Brand Manager - Manshi who is a very peppy ,friendly and frank female. She introduced us to her other colleagues. I even got a chance to interact with Jenny Chor and Swapna Nair - the representatives of MNY who are part of the members in Beauty Brigade Group. We really had a fun time catching up. 

The event started with the history of Brand Maybelline and how vaseline and coal was mixed to give a mascara by T L Williams for her sister Maybel. The names Maybel and Vaseline were joined to give rise to the name of the brand "Maybelline" which was first to invent the cake mascara.

This was followed by the a short discussion on their Market survey which was conducted by MNY where they studied the trends in Indian Makeup market.. They learnt how the makeup trends are evolving amongst the young generations and how the Indian market has evolved from using just fairness cream and talc to using more of foundation,concealer and kohl etc. 

This is how they introduced Colossal Kajal into the Indian Markets in a sleek twist up pencil like packaging inspired by NYC Cabs in Yellow and Black Color Scheme. The product is a huge success which motivated them to launch other products like the new Colorsensational Fruit Jellies and The lipstick in disguise - Color changing lip Balm Color Bloom in pink and peach shades. These products have been specially designed to cater to the young generation of Indian markets. 

The event was then followed by two announcements - MNY has an Official Makeup Artist - Namrata Soni. They also launched a new range of products designed by Namrata herself - which is Plumtastic 2011 collection which includes colors ranging from deep wines to berries to plums. Esha Gupta was introduced as their new Brand Ambassador and this was followed by Namrata creating an evening look using the Plumtastic collection products on her.

This concluded the event which was followed by many fun things to do around and a chance to interact with Namrata Soni. I had a chance to interact with her and she was definitely a fun person to be with - smart, frank and friendly. After she solved some of my makeup queries, she was kind enough to give me details to keep in touch with her if I have queries in future. 

After the interaction, I had a fun time with Jenny, Swapna, Sonal and Bhumika S - The BB Gang. I hung around till the end where we all interacted with the Brand Manager and Namrata Soni. I also had nail art done. Also I had a chance to meet a fellow blogger -Bhumika

All in All the event was A Blast - loads of fun !!!!  Yups I got a few MNY Goodies too in the end .....I do hope you enjoy the pics....  

OH ! I got nail art done at the party !!! 


  1. Fantastic pics...seems like you had a great time!!!

  2. Wow u had real fun gal!! Those goodies and ur nail art look awesome! :)

  3. thnk u lipsy .... yups i had great fun pooja ...

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time! And the goodies look really nice too!

  5. Oh God!!! Looks like you had such fun and so many goodies!!
    Enjoy them dear!!

  6. Wow!! had funa ah??? ok now send the goodies to me :P :P

  7. rids Im loving all the pics :) loved ur nail art :) very girly na :)

  8. The nail art looks super nice rids :)

  9. Yups cant try em ...Thnks poojaa

  10. Poohkie nivedita .... Yups it was awesummm

  11. Thnk u indgal ..come here n get goodies

  12. Rekha n bhumika ... Thks ... Yups i luv d girly nail art

  13. you've really nice your new follower.
    hope you'll also follow back.

    BTW, passed along an award to you!

  14. Thnk u vertu ... Ll certainly check yr site out


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