Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Very First - Eye Look !

Hello again gurls . . . 

Today I decided to experiment with KKCenterHK's Beauty Angel Cosmetics Special Edition Green Palette which I had reviewed earlier. . .  Click Here to read its review.

Do forgive my dark circles and also any mistakes I have made as I a novice at this and still in the process of learning. I had absolutely no time to get my eyebrows done ... Beware ! They look real BAD !!

Here is the look - -- 
I tried creating a deep green- grey smokey look . . . I used shadow No. 1 all over my lid and defined crease area with shadow No. 2.The outer V area was defined by using shadow No 3. Everything was blended and then I finished it off by tight lining my upper and lower waterline of my eyes.  

I have my fingers CROSSED !! 

Do you like it ??? 

Let me know . . . .


  1. Nice look rids. Loved it. No masacara?? I not that much into make up but I feel you should have removed the shimmers that is falling out aroudn your eyes.. Just my opinion.. Hope you dont take it seriously :)

  2. Nice colors! You should blend a bit more! Will def look more graceful! Nice try though :)


  3. @ Indgal - Yups i had removed the fall-outs later ... lolz. . . the blendin of these eyeshadows makes em fall- out. . it ws v irritating. I had skipped mascara that day . . . :)

    @ Tanvee Wadhwa - Thank you :)

    @ rekha - Thnk u rekha :)

  4. arey rids..its a very nice look..why you scared..

  5. @bhumika - Never done dis before ...errr. . .

  6. I Loved the first pic...The color combo is pretty and u have done a decent job for ur first EOTD...waiting for some FOTDs now :D
    Do join in my giveaway! http://beautybrainsbrawns.blogspot.com/2011/09/international-giveaway-to-celebrate.html

  7. thnk u pooja . . . ll definitely join yr giveaway :)

  8. arre it happens, i ws more scared thn u while posting my 1st look..u did a nice job :)

  9. thnk u for all yr positive reply


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