Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love Thy Brushes !!!

Hi everyone ...

Me back with another post ... This time I decided to share how I clean my makeup brushes... Its no rocket science .... But I decided to do a post about it - WELL JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT  . . . !!!

Everyone uses their own cleaning procedures and technique.... I try new techniques myself ... Dis time I tried the Michelle Phan Method ... hehehehehe... with a little twist of mine. . .   :)

So I start out with - Any Kind of Baby Oil, Any Shampoo (I use Dove) and lastly, Conditioner.

Then I take a plate and pour Baby oil onto the plate and Shampoo... like so...

Swirl your brush onto the mixture - The shampoo and oil help in removing pigments and makeup. The oil helps in removing traces of makeup as well as conditions your brushes bristles....

I squeezed off the mixture of shampoo and oil -- See how the mixture is removing all the old makeup?

Lastly I clean the brushes under running tap water and further condition the bristles of my brushes by swirling them in a mixture of water and Conditioner (1:1). Wash off the conditioner and you will notice how extra soft your brushes have become. . .

 Lastly wipe the brushes dry ... blot out excess water and dry your brushes by tilting them downwards on a towel..  Keep them slanting on the towel so as to allow the water to seep out of the bristles....Leave it overnight ...

The next morning - Your brushes will be GOOD AS NEW !!!! 

So tell me - How do you clean your makeup brushes ???? 


  1. i never used conditioner :P , will try for sure !! thnx for the great post !! <3

  2. i do the same thing~ yay~
    but i hate cleaning sponges >_<

  3. @ jenny - i hardly use sponges ... yay we follow d same method .. !!!

  4. I too used to shampoo my brushes rids..but it used used to consume too much of time because i have way too many brushes and i used to get backache too! :( So i had to buy a brush cleaner which has made my life a lot easier :))

  5. ahh yups brush cleaners .... i hv neva used one ... dnt wana spend money on those yet ... hehehe

  6. Woww love this post!! I usually use a baby shampoo for cleaning the brushes, but will try with conditioner too! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. hey very infoermative post rids..i'll def. try this :)

  8. I do the same rids..nice post..:)

  9. @ vanity - thnk u vanity

    @bhumika - yayyy !! same pinch !!

  10. never tried conditioner before.. will def try rids :) thanks for the lovely post :)

  11. hey nice post! thanks a lot! i thought just cleaning the brush with shampoo is enough! but now i know better!


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