Monday, March 5, 2012

Forest Essentials brings to you skin care products for this HOLI!!

Take care of your skin with products from Forest Essentials this HOLI.  Please find below products recommend from Forest Essentials to be used before and after your HOLI Celebrations.:

Virgin Almond Oil (cold pressed , organic,  nutrient rich and unrefined)      
200 ml      Rs 950/-

The key process for any oil , when it comes to quality , is 'Cold Pressing'. This means that the oil has been extracted by a natural method which doesn't damage essential fatty acids. This has a  very pleasant texture , is almost scentless , rich in protein as well as highly emollient, nourishing and fast penetrating.

Velvet Silk Body Cream with Vitamin E (softening  and nourishing)
250 Gms    Rs 975/- 

A silkening body cream enriched with Vitamin E, to smooth onto the body while paying more attention to the heels , elbows and knees. Use after a bath ,steam or spa treatment to soften , nourish and leave the skin with a satin sheen.

The products are available at :

New Delhi

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