Monday, March 12, 2012

Yardley of London: English Lavender Refreshing Face Wash

After launching a host of products - Yardley of London has come up with new exciting range of face washes - Wow !! Another new Face wash to try out !! Most of us girls will never tire out trying gazillions of face washes from "N" number of brands - Just to find that perfect one to suit your skin.

So when Yardley of London contacted me to try out their face wash before its launch - I was all geared up !! I started using this face wash the moment it arrived because I am in so much love after using their soaps - I love the subtle fragrances of their products.

So here's my take on the product -

Yardley of London is a traditional British Brand established in 1770 - Their range of products include Fragrances, Bath and Body Luxuries, Skincare and Haircare Products. Yardley of London Newest Addition include their - International range of gentle luxurious face washes.

Product: English Lavender Refreshing Facial Cleanser with Avocado Oil.
               ( For Normal to Dry Skin type ) 
Price and Quantity: 70 INR for 50 gms.
For Reference: I have combination skin type.

What the company claims:
This rich nourishing face wash cleanses tenderly and removes makeup and impurities. The nutrient-packed avocado oil supplements the skin’s natural moisture and softness. Leaving it clean, hydrated and delicately fragrant with Yardley’s signature English Lavender.

Moisten face and squeeze a small quantity of face wash onto skin. Massage gently over face and neck.wash off and pat dry. 

My Experience with the Product:
I loved the packaging in which the product arrived. A cute lavender box which housed the face wash along with the chocolates to celebrate the launch of the new range of face wash. 
The face wash is conveniently packed in a transparent tube with a flip cap . The flip cap is not loose so the product is quite travel- friendly.  
The face wash is light lavender colored and subtly fragranced with lavender scent. The smell is not over powering which is another thing I like about this face wash. I was so fascinated to see the bubbly lavender colored face wash in the transparent tube.. The visual appeal of the face wash is quite nice. 
The first week I used this face wash as per the directions given on the tube. The next week I got a Facial cleansing tool and I tried using this face wash with the help of the tool - It worked out quite well. 
A pea - sized amount on the brush is enough to properly cleanse the entire face. 
The face wash is soap - free and hence it does not lather like other face washes. It is quite gentle on your skin. 
The face wash did not give me any breakouts or side reactions - Which is a Big thing for me !! I have had bad experiences before  :( 
The face wash cleanses your face effectively and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry after usage. 
This face wash is meant for gentle cleansing - It is not successful in keeping my skin oil- free for hours. Also I tried the face wash meant for normal to dry skin - Maybe the one meant for oily skinned will be better to handle that problem.
I think so far Yardley of London has introduced the "Gentle Range of Face washes".. I am waiting for the launch of  "Deep Cleansing Range" which will work better for my skin tone.

Love it or Chuck it ?
If you have Normal to Dry Skin Tone - Try this face cleanser for Sure !!! They are perfect for everyday usage. 
Please Note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.



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