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And THE WINNER IS .. . . . . . My first giveaway Winner

Thank you all for supporting my giveaway . . . . I cant thank you all enough for all the support you have shown . . . . I am grateful for all the friends I have made through my blog . . . .

Secondly, I would like to thank each and everyone one who participated in my giveaway and making it a success. . .  Am also thankful for all the lovely friends who spread a message around about my giveaway. . .

Okk. . . so now down to the WINNER. . . . Total there were 347 Entries. . . .


Congratulations "Indgal"  on winning my giveaway . I have already mailed you. Please contact me within 48 hours with the details of your postal address.

If the winner does not respond withing 48 hours I will select another winner. . . . So Hurry !!!! 

Thank you all again - for all the selfless support. . 

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Forest Essentials brings to you facial kits suited for your individual dosha.

In Ayurveda, Aromas are selected to balance the Doshas by their qualities. A dosha is one of three bodily humors that make up one's constitution according to Ayurveda.

Keeping with this tradition Forest Essentials launches its Facial Kit customized to each individuals personal dosha - Kapha, Vata and Pitta. 

1. Kapha:              Rs.975/-

Kapha governed by earth and water and meant for normal to oily skin type. Kapha is charming voluptuous, steady in nature , the fragrances should be balancing and stimulating such as Rose and Narangi.

 Kapha Facial Kit includes:                           

                Facial Tonic Mist Pure Rosewater: It has properties for cooling , soothing and moisturizing the skin.

                Facial Ubtan Narangi& Nagkesar: A clarifying blend of fresh sun-dried ingredients for skin lightening and brightening. Regular use leaves the complexion soft and glowing with a radiant sheen.

                Aloe Vera Juice: A mixture for the Ubtan

2. Vatta:                 Rs.975/-

With elements like air and space Vata is like the wind, imaginative , refreshing and is for normal to dry skin. The fragrances for them include Sandalwood and Jasmine being calm and warming.

Vatta Facial kit includes:

                Facial Tonic Mist Panchpushp:  This contains five flowers of which the Rose is naturally  hydrating , Bela helps in retaining moisture , Marigold is toning , Kewda is softening and Saffron gives a glow to the skin.

                Facial Ubtan Soundarya: An ancient recipe, unique in its properties, for a smooth, radiant and brilliantly polished skin.

                Aloe Vera Juice: A mixture for the Ubtan

3. Pitta:               Rs.975/-

The last dosha being Pitta is for normal to sensitive skin type governed by fire and water. The fragrance for the fiery, stimulating, passionate Pitta dosha include balancing and cooling ones such as Rose, Marigold and Saffon.

Pitta Facial Kit includes:

                Facial Tonic Mist Fresh Jasmine and Aloe Vera: A luxurious facial mist with pure essential oil of Jasmine blended with intensely hydrating pure Aloe Vera Juice drenches the skin with moisture.

                Facial Ubtan Tejasvi: It contains red sandalwood, wild turmeric, saffron and skin whitening herbs to make the skin tone several shades lighter naturally.

                Aloe Vera Juice: A mixture for the Ubtan

 Along with the products each kit includes a mixing bowl with a spatula and a compact bag to fit all the products. 

The products are available at:

                New Delhi


Radiant Skin is no longer a distant dream, L'Occitane discovers the goodness with Angelica - the ultimate Nature's Radiance Boost.

Angelica is a plant that never ceases and is found in Drome region of France. It is known for its tremendous vitality and grows incredibly fast due to its exceptional ability to take up water from the deep in the ground. 

L'OCCITANE extracted the essential oil and water from the heart of the angelica root and brought them together in a patented complex that acts as on both skin hydration and vitality.This new range has the properties of hydrating and revitalizing which provides sheer delight for the senses, makes the skin look plumper and more radiant. 

Make your skin look more beautiful with this extraordinary range from L'Occitane.

Angelica Face Toner: 200 ml: Rs 1250

This fresh, alcohol-free toner hydrates and refreshes the skin. It prepares skin for daily skincare products by removing any remaining traces of impurities.Skin gets moisturized and perfectly prepared for further skincare products.

Angelica Hydration Cream : 50ml : Rs 2550

This fresh, silky smooth cream. Provides immediate and 24-hour hydration helps to improve skin elasticity and protects against free radicals.It moisturizes and revitalize the skin and make it more radiant.

Angelica Eyes Roll on : 10 ml : Rs 1450

With its light, ultra-fresh texture, this gel De congests the eye area with its instant ice-cube effect. It  helps to boost micro circulation and to reduce dark circles and puffiness.
The eyes area gets refreshed, revitalised, smooth and radiant. Dark circles and puffiness are less visible.

Angelica Protective Lotion SPF15: 30 ml:Rs 2290  & Angelica UV Shield SPF40 : 30 ml : Rs 2390

These fresh, light lotions provides immediate and long-lasting hydration. It helps to improve skin elasticity.It protects against free radicals Protect skin against sun damage


SPF 15: Intense hydration for 24 hours and a non-oily texture, ideal for normal to combination skin.

SPF 40: high protection against sun damage formulated with a mineral sunscreen.

Angelica Cleansing Gel : 200 ml : Rs 1250

This ultra-gentle, fresh and delicate cleansing gel transforms into a smooth and light foam that gently removes make-up and impurities. It Protects the skin’s hydrolipidic film and
reveals the skin’s natural radiance

Skin is perfectly clean, clear and radiant. Its hydration levels are maintained.
The products are available at :

L'Occitane Store

New Delhi

69 A, Khan Market
New Delhi - 110003

Ph : 011 43084695

DLF Promenade Mall
Shop no. 130 A, Ground Floor
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi - 110070

Ph no : 011 41042450


G 48, 
Selcect Citywalk
New Delhi

Shoppers Stop Bannerghatta
Commerce@mantri, ground Floor, N.S.Palya
Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru-560076
 Shoppers Stop Koramangala  
Shopper stop Ltd NO.32, Salapuria Tower II, 
Bangalore usker hosur Road, 
Koramangalam Industrial Layout

I Am all exicted to try out their Cleanser and Toner. The protective lotion would also be great to try .... which products are you eyeing on ? ? ?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy rakshabhan to all ....

I hope all you lovely gurls have a blast today ... This is to all the roles a woman play .. Mother, friend, wife daughter and a loving sister ....

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lotus Herbals announced the “Lotus Beauty Star- Esthetician of the year Award”

Lotus Herbals Professional, the professional skin care brand from Lotus Herbals Ltd., hosted the ‘Lotus Beauty Carnival’, India’s First Professional Beauty Congress, at the luxurious Marriott Resort and Spa, in Goa, recently. The nation’s leading estheticians and salon owners celebrated their success at a dazzling awards function which was the main attraction of the event. The glitzy event witnessed a power packed musical performance by the renowned bollywood singer Akriti Kakkad and a troupe of dancers who mesmerized the crowd with their power packed performance.

Bollywood Singer Akriti Kakkad performing at the Lotus Beauty Star Awards night at the Marriott Resort and Spa, Goa on 26th July 2011.

Television Super Star, Mona Singh, announcing the names of the winners at the Lotus Beauty Star Awards night, at the Mariott Resort and Spa, Goa on 26th July 2011

The ‘Lotus Beauty Carnival 2011’was a celebration of the “Lotus Beauty Star – Esthetician of the Year Contest 2010-11”. This innovative contest was initiated on September 1st, 2010 and carried on till March 31st, 2011. The contest received a tremendous response with more than 1500 enrolments from estheticians and salons across India and Nepal who participated in this contest.

Adding glamour to the “LOTUS BEAUTY STAR 2010-11 Awards” function was television super star Mona Singh of Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi fame, who announced the names of the winners. The awards were divided into two categories, Awards for National winners and Awards for City winners and were given away by Mr. Kamal Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, Mr. Nitin Passi, Director, Marketing and Sales, Lotus Herbals and Mr. Dipin Passi, Director, Lotus Herbals. The first prize, in the national awards category, was won by Ms. Kalpana Rathore of Benher Beauty Salon, Lucknow who got a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000. The first runner up was Ms. Rashmi Mishra, Rashmi Beauty Parlor, Rourkela who got a cash prize of Rs 50,000 and the second runner up was Mr. Ashok Kumar, Cloud 9 salon, Dehradun got a cash prize of Rs 25,000. Apart from these winners, awards were given to the first city winners from the participating cities across the country.

Mr. Kamal Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, Mr. Nitin Passi, Director, Marketing and Sales and Mr. Dipin Passi, Director Lotus Herbals, with the first Prize winner Ms. Kalpana Rathore, Benher Beauty Salon, Lucknow. 

Mr. Kamal Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, Mr. Nitin Passi, Director, Marketing and Sales, Lotus Herbals and Mr. Dipin Passi, Director, Lotus Herbals, with the first runner up  Ms. Rashmi Mishra, Rashmi Beauty Parlor, Rourkela

Mr. Kamal Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, Mr. Nitin Passi, Director, Marketing and Sales and Mr. Dipin Passi, Director Lotus Herbals, with the second runner up.Mr. Ashok Kumar, Cloud 9, Dehradun.

The “Lotus Beauty Carnival” and the “Lotus Beauty Star- Esthetician of the Year Award” is yet another testament to Lotus Herbals commitment to be a driving force in the professional beauty care industry in India. 

About Lotus Herbals
Lotus Herbals Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality natural cosmetics

based on the 5000 years old science of Ayurveda. An ISO 9001 (2000) certified company, Lotus Herbals follows strict manufacturing processes as per GMP.

Lotus Herbals retail range reaches 125 cities and towns through 8 branch offices and 400 distributors. The brand is currently available at over 45,000 leading retail outlets including Departmental and chain stores across India.

Lotus Herbals’ professional division currently serves 85 cities through 110 distributors with world class technical products, education and services reaching over 5,400 beauty salons and spas.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

KKCenterHK's Beauty Angel Cosmetics Special Edition Green Palette

This is another product from kkcenterhk which was newly released sometime back. So when I was asked to review this product - I was mad with glee and personally pick this Palette in  "GREEN" among the other three colors of BLUE, GREEN, and PURPLE . 

Product: Beauty Angel Cosmetics Special Edition Green Palette
Dimensions(Open): 12cm X 17cm X 1cm EyeShadow Net: 1.2g X 12
Blush Net: 5g X 2
Item Number: B601A
Price: USD 14.50$

My Experience with the Product: 

I love their shipping method, they securely wrap the product into bubble warp to prevent any damages and finally it came in a very good condition.
I was amazed to see such a small sleek and cute palette and I completely fell for its packaging. 
The cover of the palette opens up like a book and can be closed securely - Thanks to magnetic locks it has.
The product comes with 12 shimmery eyeshadows and 2 matte blushes - along with applicator. 
The applicator provided with the product is not that great - I would not use it.
The instructions provided on the product makes it great for a newbie at makeup. 
The eye shadows are shimmery and can be great if you combine it with other eyeshadows you have. 
I did experience a bit of fall out with the eyeshadows but it was nothing that I can't handle. 
The texture of the eyeshadow is bit powdery. I found blending of these eyeshadows easy. 
The texture of the blush was also good and smooth. 

 All the swatches shown below are without flash - - -

I had a difficult time swatching this one - The pink blush was smooth while the peach blush was a bit chalky. The pigmentation of the peach blush is very sheer. 

 Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

All About Packs !

Your daily Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing routine will cleanse the outer layers of your skin. Adding a face pack once a week will take your cleansing deeper.

What does a face pack do? A face pack deep cleanses your skin by penetrating deep into the pores to remove impurities, dead skin cells and excess oils. It keeps skin hydrated by restoring its water content, leaving it soft and supple.
Face packs also brighten skin by lightening spots, blemishes and pigmentation.

How to choose a face pack?
Firstly, you must know your skin type in order to choose the right face pack.
Secondly, look for natural ingredients like saffron, neem, papaya, apple, aloe vera in your packs as these are gentler on the skin.

If you have normal skin
You are lucky! However, even normal skin needs a skincare regime.
We recommend: Himalaya Fairness Face Pack. An easy-to-apply pack with Saffron, Turmeric and Aloe Vera. Saffron and Turmeric improve skin tone and lighten spots. Aloe Vera is well-known to hydrate skin.

 If you have oily skin
You have overactive oil glands! The oil glands produce more sebum, giving the skin a greasy shine.
We recommend: Himalaya Clarifying Mud Pack. Enriched with Fuller's Earth and Walnut, the face pack deep cleanses skin by absorbing excess oils and removing impurities.

If you have dry skin

Your skin produces less sebum. As a result, the skin may flake and look lackluster.
We recommend: Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack. A fruity punch to get rid of dull and patchy skin. It has Apple, a rich source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), for nourishing skin. Fig and Cucumber for relieving dryness. Papaya helps in lightening blemishes.


If you have pimple-prone skin
You need to take care of your skin without aggravating the condition.
We recommend: Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Pack. An instant pick-me-up for pimple-prone skin. It has Neem, a time-tested herb known for its antibacterial properties, that keeps skin troubles at bay. Turmeric, with its antiseptic properties, improves complexion and fights blemishes.

Remember to remove the pack off your face gently. Wash with lukewarm water and apply an ice pack to close the pores.

Please note: Press Release provided by the company.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub

I have never experimented with scrubs. I have sensitive skin type and I am very loyal to my St.Ives scrub which suits my skin best. Other scrubs I have tried have left my skin red and itchy. So when Himalaya Herbals sent me this scrub for review purposes - I delayed using this scrub until now recently.

I have started using this scrub since past few weeks and here's what I think of it - -

Product: Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub.
Quantity: 100 gms
Price: 115 INR Rupees.

What company says about the product?
Himalaya's Purifying Neem Scrub removes impurities and dead skin cells. It also removes excess oil from the skin's surface, which is the root cause of acne.
The scrub is blended with the goodness of Neem, which clears blackheads and acne, and Apricot, which hydrates the skin. The natural ingredients cleanse, nourish and moisturize your skin to make it soft, fresh and radiant.

My Experience with the Product:
This product comes in a tube like packaging with a flip cap top. The consistency of this product is very creamy and light with green granules in it. You can also see few of apricot granules which are brown in color but they are very few of them.
I was pleasantly surprised to find the granules minute. The granules are very skin friendly and wont leave you bruised.
The mixture of neem and apricot in product makes it perfect for regular use on the face.  Apricot doesn't leave dry out your skin after use.
It gave me no side reactions. The antibacterial properties of neem certainly prevents formation of new breakouts.
The product is very travel friendly and the flip cap is tightly secured.
The effectiveness of this product can be improved if you use Himalaya Herbals Neem face wash and Neem face pack - For a complete and purifying skin care routine.
The product comes at a dirt cheap price.

Love it or chuck it? 
Absolutely love it !! Do try it everyone.

Have you tried this product yet? ? Let me know what you think. . .

Please note: This product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.



Lakmé since its inception has always celebrated beauty and as an ode to the contemporary Indian woman, Lakmé presents ABSOLUTE - a high-performance long wear make up range. This premium range of cosmetic has been specially created for the woman of today who leads an international life with a soul that is Indian at heart. Kareena Kapoor a mesmerizing beauty, a caring sister, a devoted daughter, a talented actress and above all an epitome of the confident Indian woman, has been chosen as the face of Lakmé ABSOLUTE.  She is a perfect fit for the brand as she embodies the quintessential essence of beauty, which the brand represents. As the face of Lakmé ABSOLUTE, Kareena will be part of the brand’s campaign and unveil the Absolute looks at the Lakmé Grand Finale by Manish Malhotra at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2011 (August 16 –21, 2011).

Lakmé ABSOLUTE is the brand’s high performance long-wear makeup line with world class products that last up to 16 hours. Designed by Lakmé make-up experts Lakmé ABSOLUTE offers the best in long-wear benefits coupled with do-good skin care properties enabling the contemporary Indian woman to be magical in her everyday life.

Talking about being the face of Lakme Absolute Kareena Kapoor said, “I’m very proud to be associated with a brand that introduced the concept of make-up to the Indian woman and today I’m excited to undertake this new journey with them. Lakmé ABSOLUTE keeps my skin radiant and makes me look beautiful the whole day without the need of any touch-ups. Its long wear and high-performance products are just what I need.”

While speaking about the new products she says, “One of my favorite products is ABSOLUTE Lip Last with its precision brush and I’m totally hooked on to the Plump and Shine glosses for the range of sensational colors it offers, there is something for every occasion. As a face make the White Intense Two-Way compact is an extremely convenient product that doubles up as a powder and foundation and has sun filters, which protects my skin from the sun. I completely love the ABSOLUTE Mattreal mousse for daily wear as it’s extremely light and renders a natural glow to my skin while the Soft Focus Foundation is perfect for the glamorous party look. Amongst the eye products ABSOLUTE Kohl Ultimate is my favourite kohl that gives it a one stroke black color .”

Farida Kaliyadan, General Manager - Lakmé says, “We are delighted to have Kareena as the face of Lakmé ABSOLUTE and launch its exciting range of products. Lakmé ABSOLUTE has been specially designed keeping in mind the Indian skin tone, texture and weather conditions. The range is inspired by the modern woman who effortlessly plays myriad set of roles across her personal and professional life. Kareena’s confident persona and beauty makes her the perfect choice for Lakmé ABSOLUTE. She is a performer par excellence and embodies what ABSOLUTE stands for.”

About Lakmé

Contemporary Indian beauty expert Lakmé continuously innovates to offer a wide range of, high performance and world class color cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons. In addition to leveraging Unilever’s worldwide expertise, Lakmé also partners with the leading cosmetic house Milan-based Intercos Italia, Schwann Stabilo Germany and Paris-based Fiabila. Combining international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé also offers its consumers a comprehensive beauty experience through its products and services at the Lakmé Salons and Studios. For further information log on to www.lakméindia.com



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