Friday, December 27, 2013

Lakme Presents 5 New Shades in Eyeconic Kajal


Lakme Presents New Eyeconic White and 4 other shades of Eyeconic Kajal

After the phenomenal success of Lakmé Eyeconic Black Kajal, Lakmé brings home yet another international trend in the form of Lakmé Eyeconic White- an innovation that’s likely to break all codes of traditional kajal usage'. For years, the black kajal has remained an integral part of an Indian woman’s beauty regime, but the new Lakmé Eyeconic White promises to change the game for eye make-up. Spotted at several runways internationally this is a first of its kind introduction by Lakmé in India. Along with white, Lakmé also introduces four must-have shades of brown, blue, grey and green to the Eyeconic collection.

Lakme Presents New Eyeconic White and 4 other shades of Eyeconic Kajal
Eyeconic Kajal in White 

The Eyeconic shades by Lakmé are easy to apply and require zero maintenance, just like your regular black. In merely one stroke the kajal promises a smudge-free professional finish up to 10 hours. It comes with a waterproof formulation that allows one to be carefree while washing face or even travelling. It isdermatologically tested and is safe to apply with its two-way retractable twist-up format.

Talking about this new high-performance product, Arun Srinivas, VP Skin Care and Makeup, Lakmé says, “Indian women love to accentuate their eyes and the kajal remains an irreplaceable favourite. The success of Eyeconic Black encouraged us to look beyond the ordinary and we realize that our consumers are looking for subtle yet strong beauty statements that can enhance their overall look. Bearing this in mind, we now introduce the Eyeconic White – first of its kind innovation with a unique white packaging along with four more interesting shades that will take eye makeup to a new direction altogether.”

Lakme Presents New Eyeconic White and 4 other shades of Eyeconic Kajal
Green Eyeconic kajal
Speaking about the outstanding looks created for Eyeconic’s new range, Natasha Nischol, Lakmé Make-up Expert mentions, “The new range of Eyeconic is extremely unique and promising. White is an exciting color for the eyes, which can be used in the waterline to open up your eyes, or in the inner corners for the hint of brightness. Alternately you could also use it on the upper eye lids alone or with another color for a more dramatic effect. We have crafted some amazing looks with Kareena Kapoor to showcase the potential of this unusual color. Each color from the range is very unique and thoughtfully chosen to suit the Indian skin type. As a make-up professional, I am confident that this launch will surely create waves in the beauty and fashion scene in India.”

To get you started, Natasha Nischol has shared a cheat sheet with some quick eye looks to help you perfect the ‘white eye look’ this season.

Lakme Presents New Eyeconic White and 4 other shades of Eyeconic Kajal

Friday, June 7, 2013

DE-STRESSING Visit to The Four Fountains Spa, Malad

I was recently approached by the marketing team at The Four Fountains Spa for a session of therapy. I couldn’t ask for anything more at that moment of time because I was surrounded by heap load of work load. I jumped right at the opportunity and I am so glad I did…. Before I review my visit to the spa, let us know a bit about it

The Four Fountains Spa

The Four Fountains Spa:

The Four Fountains Spa is India's largest chain of affordable day spas and we are located across 10 cities. Their mission is to keep you stress-free, healthy through affordable spa therapies and bring the scientifically proven health benefits of spa therapies within reach of more and more Indians.

The Four Fountains Spa has 17 conveniently located spas across 8 cities of India; you will find spa therapies for de-stressing, de-toxification, immunity and beauty for men and women. These therapies include over 20 body massages, body polishes, body wraps and facials.

The upside point of this spa is that they have made every effort to ensure that the prices are kept as low as possible so that you can make regular therapies part of your wellness regimen. Most therapies are priced between Rs. 599 to Rs. 1599 and they also offer weekday discounts and membership discounts so that the spa therapies become even more affordable.
My Experience :
I was given a choice to book for an appointment to the outlet which was closest to my place, so I opted to go to the one located at Link Road Malad. I booked for an evening appointment and the staff was very prompt in confirming my appointment. They were also kind enough to call me and confirm the appointment date and time. The staff at the spa are very well trained and efficient. I was greeted by Sana, who manages the spa. She was kind enough to inform me the services which are classified as - De-stressing, De-Toxification, Immunity and Beauty. 
I opted for beauty treatment and choosed Lightening Facial which consisted of series of steps to gently exfoliate the skin on your face and massage it to give a glow. This therapy takes about one hour.
Before the treatment started, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire - I was surprised to find that they wanted to know my medical history before starting any treatment. 
The Four Fountains Spa

The ambiance of the place was very soothing and calming. I was introduced to the therapist who led me towards the treatment room.  The treatment rooms were tiny and small which got me a little claustrophobic - but then I requested the manager to let my friend accompany me into the room. They were little hesitant at the beginning but then they agreed - I was all set to start !! 

The Four Fountains Spa Malad

The treatment room was a narrow rectangular room with an attached shower area. The therapist first instructed me to change into a disposable clothing which was offered by the spa and as soon as I was ready I was to alarm the bell so as to call the therapist back and start the session.

The treatment first started with the therapist performing a patch test of the products on my skin. The products did not cause any irritation to my skin which confirmed the products were safe to use on my skin. The entire session was very soothing and calm as the lighting of the room was dimmed down and the soothing music played in the background. The therapist was very professional and kept ensuring whether the environment of the room was comfortable enough for me. 
The Four Fountains Spa Malad

The treatment started with the steps of cleansing, toning, massaging, scrubbing, steaming, application of mask and finally moisturising. The therapist was very efficient and skilled in massaging the skin.  I especially liked the mini- leg massage session I was offered while the facial mask was working it's charm. By the end of the session I was totally refreshed by the herbal tea that was offered to me. The facial treatment was wonderful and worth every penny - the glow of the facial lasted for 3 days after the treatment. I was also offered a feedback form at the end in order to share my experience with the spa. I was also offered a small complimentary tub of cooling de- stressing gel.

Monday, February 11, 2013

L'Oreal Paris FashioNAILable Color Riche Le Nail Art stickers Review

I got something in the mail few days ago, I couldn't wait to try them out - L’Oreal Paris recently launched some gorgeous nail art stickers, I will be reviewing the stickers from this range. Let's see how they fared... 

L'Oreal Paris FashioNAILable Color Riche Le Nail Art Stickers

Product: L'Oreal Paris FashioNAILable Color Riche Le Nail Art Stickers

Price : 299 INR/-  for 18 stickers

L'Oreal Paris FashioNAILable Color Riche Le Nail Art Stickers

 What the product claims :

Need a manicure but don’t have time to wait for the polish to dry? Get ready to get FashioNAILable with L’Oreal Paris Le Nail Art stickers. Inspired from luxury fabrics, these stickers are easy to use and can stay on for upto 10 days.  

We have three timeless collections that create ultimate nail wardrobe ranges: 
Couture- Nail stickers that are inspired from the latest catwalk trends

L’Or- The timeless black and gold nail art stickers can add a vintage feel to your look

Diamantisse - Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! These stickers aren’t just stickers, they are nail diamonds!

What makes these nail stickers so unique?
The Nail Stickers are easy to apply. You just have to select a sticker that fits your nail, apply the sticker on your nail, fold the remaining over your nail tip and file off the remaining.

1. Zero Application Mistakes: Since the stickers are easy to apply, chances of any mistake is nil

2. Zero Dry Time: Since these are stickers, you do not have to wait for it to dry! It saves you of all the misery of waiting for your nail colour to dry. Isn’t that a blessing?

3. Doesn’t require a nail colour remover: When you feel like changing your sticker, all you have to do is, peel it off. It’s that simple!

4.  Zero Nail Damage: Worried if these stickers will damage your nails? Here’s the good news. The stickers are safe to use and will not damage your nails.

The nail stickers not only glam up your look but also give your personality a whole new definition. Truly, nails are your style canvas! It’s time to get FashioNAILable, instantly! 
Give your nails a luxurious makeover. Treat them with sophistication with Le Nail Art Stickers. Match your mood and your outfit with these fun nail stickers. All it takes is few minutes of your time. 

My Experience with the Product: 

The stickers comes in varying sizes which I really liked because the size selection is such that all of us will be able to find the one that will fit perfectly on our nails. I was skeptical about how these stickers will look on my nails but i was surprised that these stickers wonderfully fitted my nails.

Sadly, I had cut my nails when I received these :( so while applying them, I had to remove most of the sticker to make up for the length.  The stickers are quite long, so all those of you who have extra long nails - no worries because they will fit on your nails just fine. 

I was skeptical on easy application claim of the product, I was surprised to find that the stickers are indeed very easy to apply, peel it off the sheet and set it at the base of the nail, slowly smooth it in upward direction along the length of the nail. To remove excess of the sticker, just fold the sticker over the tip of the nail and file off the excess using nail filer. 

The choice of designs and colors are absolutely fabulous.These stickers are perfect for a party and look amazing and funkier than the normal nail paint. It gives your nails a posh manicured look - mind you these require equal love and care too - these stickers get easily stained. My stickers also started peeling in 3 days - I think if I apply a clear paint to seal the stickers - they will last bit longer. 

L'Oreal Paris FashioNAILable Color Riche Le Nail Art Stickers

Basically, I think these stickers are fun, chic and trendy - If you wish to sport funky manicures this product is just for you. No fuss of applying and removing - just apply and when you wish to remove it you just peel off the sticker from your nails - easy as that !Plus they have a variety of options to choose from -
Check out all the designs on HERE.

Love it or Chuck it ?  
Love it ! Its a hit thing for your nails to match your outfits during special occassions.

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Awaken to the Glow of Gold with New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules

Real gold serum concentrate and a rich vitamin complex infused in little capsules to recapture your youthful radiance.

gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules

Ask a woman what bothers her most about her skin and chances are that she will say dryness. It’s true; dryness is a common problem for women, regardless of skin type. However, what they don’t know is that as they age the skin dryness is a symptom and not the problem itself.

At Pond’s, we took up the task to study this deep rooted problem. What we found in our research was startling. The dryness women experience when they are young is different from the dryness when their skin starts ageing. And dry skin is more prone to dullness. So, we asked ourselves, how could we help women combat this dryness and recapture their youthful glow?

The Pond’s Institute knows that dry skin is different and struggles more to recapture the radiance of youth. That’s why Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich products, infused with real gold serum concentrate, are especially designed for dry skin to provide the extra, rich care it needs to recapture the radiance of youth.

New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules

For the first time from Pond’s, luxurious and high-performance nighttime formulation with real gold serum concentrate and a rich vitamin complex is captured for you in the New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules. As your skin goes through a lot during the day, the little capsule with combined gold serum concentrate and vitamin complex deeply* nourishes dry skin cells overnight. Its anti-ageing ingredient CLA also fights the tell-tale signs of ageing, so that you wake up youthful and glowing.
The little capsules are not only effective but also easy to apply. Before going to bed, just break open a capsule and gently massage the rich formulation on your skin with upward circular motion. Use it every evening as part of your daily skin care routine.

The New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules is an introduction to our wholesome range of products. It includes Ultra Rich Day Cream with high performance real gold serum concentrate to keep you glowing through the day. Also, Ultra Rich Serum with potent anti-ageing ingredients gives your skin the extra care it needs to recapture its youthful radiance.

Pond’s recommends using these 3 products together forming your own little regime. It will make sure your dry skin stays deeply nourished and you achieve the best results.

Day Regime: For a glowing start to the day 
Step 1: Get rid of the impurities on your skin with Pond’s gold radiance™ Facial Foam or Self Foaming Cleanser
Step 2: Treat your skin with Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Serum and then apply Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Day Cream over it.

Night Regime: To recapture youthful radiance overnight

Step 1: Thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove any impurities with Pond’s gold radiance™ Facial Foam or Self Foaming Cleanser
Step 2: Massage your skin with the new Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules every evening

The New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules is now available at leading retail outlets across India and priced at Rs. 2499 for 12ml.
So, treat your skin with the New Pond’s gold radiance™ Ultra Rich Night Treatment Capsules and recapture your youthful radiance overnight.

*in epidermal layer of skin

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GUEST POST: How to Choose the Best Quality Handbags

Whether you take your handbag while travelling, for a fine evening party or wandering to get a handbag that serves more than its normal functionality like keeping various bills, receipts, accessories and so on. Then you should make sure to get a right bag that serves all your needs before you buy it. Picking a right quality handbag is one of the important aspects that aid in looking attractive and stylish. Here are a few tips that help you choose the best quality handbags.

How to Choose the Best Quality Handbags

§  Look for well finished lint, straps, stitches and edges of the handbag: Hand purses are not just meant for the sake of making a style statement; it carries a lot of load. So, make sure to buy quality ones. Don’t just rely on the words store claims that the bag is a high quality one and don’t tend to buy it immediately without examining the bag properly.  You can even choose a quality bag by examining stitching spaces, sloppy if any. Change it immediately, if you find any kind of damages.

  Decide on material: Look at material and determine whether the bag is appropriate for your style. Material plays a significant role in ensuring long life to the bag and durability. I is also one of the quality factor.

How to Choose the Best Quality HandbagsHow to Choose the Best Quality Handbags
Lining: Check for thick and durable lining. Lining that is made up of nylon, leather, wool and vinyl lasts for a longer period. Also inspect for any seams or holes inside or outside the pockets of the bag.

Decide on a colour: Choosing the colour depends on the occasion when and where you use your bag. If you want to use your handbag for every day needs then try with neutral colours as they would not look very old even after regular use.

 Size of the bag: Make sure the size of bag suits your body personality. Select bags that are proportional to your body frames. For example, if you are petite try using smaller bags than using bigger handbags that overpower your body frame. A hand bag should not look as if you are carrying luggage.

Set a budget: Price is also an important issue while buying handbags, to buy a high quality bag; you do not have to break your bank account. Just set a budget to buy a purse within the amount. You need to put a reasonable amount to get high quality handbag and make sure you spend for a well-designed, crafted and a made bag. 

Test: Check for straps and strap attachment. Consider tugging it gently to test the strength of the stitches and handles. Test clasps and zippers and make sure they work properly.

Brand name: Most branded bags carry half of the cost of its brand name, although brand bags are good for its durability, you must ensure to check its functions regardless of brand name, high price tag before purchasing.

Handbags are considered accessories for storing things of privacy.

Author Bio :

Written by Maria Benson, who is working on ppi claims. Catch her @mariabenson10.



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