Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pinky Toes !!!

Rainy days giving me blues - - So what do i do ? Paint my nails with the brightest colors I have to uplift my mood  :)
I paint my nails today with Oriflame's - Pure Colour Nail Polish - Shade 's name is "Intense Pink". 

Take a look - - - 

YAY ... It even matches with my cell cover ... :)

So How do you like the shade ?? Let me Know . . .

Till then, 
Enjoy the weekend. . .

Rids xoxo

Himalaya New Protein Hair Cream

I love my hair and I take extra care to maintain its shiny and healthy condition. I color my hair with heena once every six months. I wash my hair every alternate day and oil them once every week. I have dry scalp so I have been advised to deep condition my hair too.

So when I got Himalaya Protein Hair Cream for review purposes, I was excited to test all its claims -

Product: Himalaya Protein Hair Cream 
Quantity: 175ml
Price:100 Rupees


Nourishes your hair with Natural Proteins derived from ingredients like Wheatgerm and Chickpea. Indian Gooseberry and Thistles promote hair growth. Use regularly before and after shampooing for well nourished, soft and shiny hair. It contains Chanaka (Chickpea), which is a rich and natural source of protein that helps in hair growth along with Godhuma (Wheatgerm), which is also a good source of protein and vitamin E. Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry), acts as an anti-oxidant and hair growth promoter while Bhringaraja (Thistles) strengthens hair root and prevents hair fall. Protein hair cream nourishes hair root and shaft.

Dry and lifeless hair and hair fall. 

Ingredients Include:
  • Cicer arietinum (Bengal Gram, Chanaka)
  • Triticum sativum (Common Wheat, Godhuma)
  • Emblica officinalis (Indian Gooseberry, Amalaki)
  • Eclipta prostrata (Thistles, Bhringaraja)
Use daily before and after hair wash.Massage gently on scalp and hair leaving it before an hour before shampooing.Apply to damp hair after every wash for all day extra nourished and stronger hair.

My Take On The Product:
I used this product for quite some time now and I am in a love- hate relationship with it.
I love the consistency of this product - it is thick and non sticky.
I apply this product a night before shampooing my hair the next morning and it works great - it makes my hair soft and shiny.
It is very cheap compared to other hair masks and creams available in the market - Dis is great.
I dont have any hair fall problem so i cant really comment on that.
The product smells like a mild herbal product which is good. The scent is not over-powering.
One thing I didnt not like about the product is that it left my hair oily and sticky when I tried applying this cream after shampooing my hair. So cant use this as a leave-in conditioner.
It has parabens as their inactive ingredients. 

Love it Or Chuck it ? 
Definitely worth a try. Comes dirt cheap!! 

Please note: This product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Himalaya FootCare Cream

I have been using this product for so long now - I didnt even realise I am yet to review it ... Have finished more than half of the tube and Now it's the right time to review it ..So Read on . . . .

Product: Himalaya Herbals Foot Care Cream
Price and Quantity: 40 INR Rupees for 20g

Effective relief from dry, cracked heels and rough feet. Leaves feet feeling soft and smooth.
With an effective combination of
Sal Tree and Fenugreek, Himalaya Herbals FootCare Cream effectively heals cracks and relieves inflamed conditions. Honey and Turmeric have effective antibacterial action. Regular use keeps feet soft and smooth.

Directions for Use:
Wash feet with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply FootCare Cream over the affected area twice a day, and rub gently till it is absorbed. For best results, use regularly. FootCare.

The cream is useful in cases of:
  • Cracked heels / soles 
  • Rough feet 

Key ingredients: Each gram of products has extracts of Turmeric, Fenugreek, Sal Tree and Honey.

My Experience with the Product:
 I apply this cream everyday before going to bed. I apply it on my feet and wear warm socks before going to bed. Next morning I wake up to find smooth,soft and moisturized feet.
 I absolutely love this cream as it lives upto each of its claims. 
You find improvement in your skin within three to four days. My mom tried this cream and she has deep cracks on her feet and it worked on her too. 
You have to continuously use this product everyday to actually see it work. 
The cream is thick in consistency but it very non greasy. 
I like the herbal fragrance of it. It is not over powering and lingers for sometime. 
The product is very travel friendly and also comes for dirt cheap price. 

Love it or chuck it ?
Love it ! absolutely try it once !!!  

Please note: This product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.

Nature's Brilliance by Sue - Sunny Meadow Hand and Body Lotion

Today I will review an all organic and handmade, eco-friendly product - Sunny Meadow Hand and Body lotion by Nature's Brilliance.

Product: Sunny Meadow Hand and Body Lotion.  
Price: USD 9 $
Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Jojoba Protein HP, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Essentials Oils
Scent: Sunshine - Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime, Tangerine Essential Oils

My Take on the Product: 
This product came in a small transparent green bottle with a black cap.
Overall this lotion gives my hand a smooth finish.
I love the citrus smell of the lotion which keeps me refreshed in summer days.
I like the consistency of this lotion which is like a gel-cream -smooth and silky.
This lotion is great to use in every season especially winter when the weather is dry.
It does a great job of keep my hands moisturize for a long period of time.

Love it or chuck it ?
Love it. Such organic and handmade products really make me happy !! 

Be Sure to Visit Nature's Brilliance By Sue

Please note: The product was sent by the company for consideration.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nature's Brilliance by Sue Deodorant Body Powder

I travel by Mumbai local for six years now .... everyday travelling to and fro from home to college and back ! And the WORST Thing in these locals is PEAK HOURS TRAVELLING - thats when i travel ..early morning when people are rushing to work .... CROWD, HEAT AND SWEAT = Lethal combination !!!

 I carry a small perfume and deo bottle with me in my bag - to get rid of the stinking smells i have to face in the morning . . .  So when Sue send me this deodorant Powder i happily used it for weeks and carried it around with me to test its capabilities. . . .

Product: Deodorant Body Powder By Nature's Brilliance.
Price: USD 5 $
Composition:Organic Arrowstarch Starch, White Cosmetic Clay (Kaolin), and Baking Soda. Scents created from Essential Oils.
Available in 12 variants from Peppermint to orange and rainforest.

My Experience with the Product: 

It lives upto its claim of getting rid of body odor.
It stays on yr underarms for 3-4 hours easily.
The smell lingers on for hours and its very fruity,citrus and nice.
The texture of the powder is little coarse.. cannot be used on the face.
A little quantity can go a long way. :)

Love it or chuck it ?
Love it - this powder is perfect for summers to keep you charged and refreshed for hours.

Please note: This product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.


I have changed the look of the blog . . . I do hope you enjoy it . . . And It's - Obviously IS PINK !!! 

More Post's and Reviews coming up !! 
Till then 
See ya


Frosting on My Phone - Bling Cover

I have gone overboard with Bling !!! Obessed with it !!! Hehehehe ... Yesterday I received a bling cover for my cell which I had ordered from ebay - The cover turned out to be very good and was securely packed when it arrived. The seller was also very helpful and I received the cover in 20 days after placing the order. I got this cover for around 400 INR. Here's a SNEAK PEAK . ..

Hope you Like it !!! 
See ya 

Kkcenterhk White Glue Cosmetic Lady Double Eyelid/Eyelash Glue - M106A

KKCenterHK was kind enough to send me a lash glue when they sent me false eyelashes for review purposes. I am very naive at using eyelashes and glue. This all was very new to me and also i was worried about using a glue on my eyelids thinking "what if it caused some kinda reaction?" 

So when i used this product for the first time - I was very careful and alert to observe for any kind of changes and look out for any reactions. I was pleasantly surprised after using this product and Hence decided to review it. 

Product: Cosmetic Lady Double Eyelid/Eyelash Glue
Quantity: 12ml
Price: USD 5.21$
Item Number: M106-A

 My Take On The Product: 
Clear Eye Lash glue is safe for use about the eyes and is absolutely  non-irritating. 
It is waterproof - which is another great point about this product.
This glue can be used to create double eyelid look for people with monolid. 
The glue initially starts out as a aqueous solution and then ends up as a sticky consistency which makes gluing the eyelashes to your eyelids easy. 
The clear glue ends up looking very natural on your eyes. The white glue ends up being transparent when it dries off.  
The glue dries off in a good amount of time - about a minute. 
It also held the false eye lashes well.
The application of the glue is very easy with the help of the fine, long brush.

Love it or Chuck it? 

I have no complaints. :)

KKCenterHK have some great products and deals - Do check out their website HERE.

Lakmé Lip Love Conditioner

Show your lips you care
Lakmé Lip Love Conditioner for the lips you love

Try the new Lip Love Conditioner for smooth-to-touch lips and a super glossy color. It’s a gel-based lip softener that promises to pamper your pout with color and moisture. Lip Love Conditioner contains Shea butter and Jojoba oil to hydrate your lips while the SPF 12 protects your lips from the sun. 

Lip Love Conditioner is extremely light-weight and is loaded with the goodness of Shea butter; Jojoba oil and high shine polymers.

v  Priced at Rs.225/-
v  Available in 4 shades
v  Available at leading lifestyle stores


So go ahead and be a hottie, flirt, charmer or a siren this season with your own Lip Love Conditioner!

I loved - Hottie and Charmer. . . What about you ???? 

Note to the Editor: About Lakmé
The contemporary and expert in the beauty industry, Lakmé continuously innovates to offer a wide range of, high performance color cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons. In addition to leveraging Unilever’s worldwide expertise, Lakmé also partners with the leading cosmetic house; Milan-based Intercos Italia, Schwann Stabilo Germany and Paris-based Fiabila. Combining international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé also offers its consumers a comprehensive beauty experience through its products and services at the Lakmé Salons and Studios. For further information log on to www.lakmé

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Makari Clear Acnyl Cream

I have combination -oily skin and have been plagued by pimples and acne for past few months. Some of you must be aware that I was also undergoing a treatment for these pimples and acne. Its been two months now since I started treatment and now my skin has really improved.

I got to use this cream just when I was having bouts of pimples again on my left cheek. So I used this cream along with other medications for a few days and later I used this cream alone to test its claims. So here is the review. . .

Product: Makari De Suisse Creme Clear - Acnyl Cream
Price: 3000 Rupees
Quantity: 100ml

 About Makari De Suisse Creme Clear - Acnyl Cream 
Specially formulated to help diminish the appearance of pimples while clarifying the skin. Fights against the excess production of sebum. Acts as an antiseptic cream. Contains active soothing and clearing agents. Apply twice daily on the face or on any other affected by blemishes with a gentle massage.

Direction of usage
This product has been specially formulated for Acne prone and Oily Skin. While using this product, do not use any other products that are greasy or oily. When necessary, only use make up suited to your skin.
Apply Twice daily on face or any other parts affected by pimples. Please Cleanse face thoroughly before using Anti-Acne Clarifying Cream.


Product has Parabens in it !!!

My Take On this Product: 

The first time I used this product I had applied it right after stepping out of shower but then I realized it made my skin oily. So later on, I use to spot apply the cream on my pimples and blemishes twice a day. 
I quite liked the fragrance of this cream. The cream is very nicely scented which lingers on for a while and instantly calms you.
The next thing I noticed about this cream was its TEXTURE - It was oily and rich which scared the day lights out of me ! I was skeptical that the cream ll cause more breakouts to erupt on my face. The cream,however, instantly was absorbed into my skin. 
I used this cream along with my other medications - and it sped up the process of vanishing my pimple away.
I used this cream "alone" without my other medications & it didnt do much to my pimple.
This cream never cause any allergic reactions - Other "Plus Point" !!
Lastly, the price for this cream is HUGEEEEEEEEEE ....... Its so costly.. .!!

Love it or chuck it ?
Its too early to give my opinion on this cream... The  quantity provided in the sachet can't help to decide whether this cream works or not. I will definitely recommend using this cream along with other medication as it worked wonderfully on my skin to get rid of pimples.

Please note: This product was sent by the company's PR for consideration. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

I am Truly Blessed - More Awards for My Blog

I am overwhelmed as I continue to receive more awards for my blog ... This time two extremely kind girls passed on 5 awards to my blog - YES five !!!!
I thank - Pooja G  and Indgal  for passing on this award to me.  I can't thank you enough for this.

Here are my awards - TADAAAAAAAA................

The rules were same as my last award. I have already done them HERE.

1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

Name your favorite colors:
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Your favorite pet:
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Your biggest fear:
Best feature:
Everyday Attitude:
What is perfection:
Guilty pleasure:

I pass on these awards to the following blogs - 


Makari De Suisse Clarifying Exfoliating Soap

I was so delighted to see this soap. It is so cute and small. I have never used an exfoliating soap before so this was the first time - So after using this for sometime now .. Here's the review. . .

Product: Makari Clarifying Exfoliating Soap
Quantity: 200 gms
Price: 800 Rupees

This soap can be purchased online from Makari website.

About Makari Clarifying Exfoliating Soap:
Thanks to its natural properties, this Triple action soap helps provide you with the complexion you aspire to. The soap offers an ideal treatment to prepare the skin for the enhanced effectiveness of the entire range of Makari de Suisse Skin Clarifying products.

Skin Type & Usage Instructions:
Suitable for all skin types. Use daily in the bath or shower. For maximum effect of the soaps whitening properties please keep lather on for at least 5 minutes.

My experience with the product: 

The first thing i noticed about this soap was its shape and how cute and small it is. The shape is same as the benzene ring structure - Hexagonal - something which I could relate to very quickly as I studied chemistry.
I loved the smell of this soap.
The soap lathers up very well. I dont use this soap directly on my face. I lather it up on my wet hands and then use the lather on my face.
The granules on the soap can be a bit harsh on the face.
I did experiment by keeping the lather on my face for a while before washing it off - but it made no difference.
The soap does a good job of exfoliating my skin.
It does improve the skin texture a bit - making it soft and supple.
The only thing I am a bit skeptical about this product is THE PRICE - its a bit too high for a soap!!

Love it or chuck it ? 
I would not buy this soap because of its exorbitant price ! 

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.

Lakmé Lever Launches:‘Lakmé Ivana’ First Unisex Salon

Lakmé Lever announces the launch of its first salon for Him & Her, Lakmé Ivana at Green Park in New Delhi. Lakmé Salons have been offering expert hair and skin care to women for several decades and now they have taken this experience and developed an offering that caters to men as well. After a successful run in the beauty service segment with Lakmé Studio and Salons , Lakmé Lever is now taking a leap with Lakmé Ivana to provide excellent grooming, skin and hair care services to both, men and women.

Lakmé Ivana will provide premium services to men and women alike at the hands of its specially trained experts. Available at the salon will be specialist hair styling services, besides other treatments like facials, manicures and pedicures.  Highlights from the menu, for Him & Her, include, exclusive organic facials using the internationally acclaimed Eminence products, styling services using the Tigi Catwalk range and rejuvenating hand & foot spas. Setting a trend in the online space, Lakmé Ivana will also take appointments on Facebook through its fan page:
Speaking on the initiative Anil Chopra, CEO Lakmé Lever says, “We are excited to be venturing into this space for the first time. Lakmé has always been a pioneer in the field of Indian beauty services for women leading the industry with a large chain of 150 beauty salons across the country. With this venture we welcome men also, to experience the expertise that we provide. Men are becoming more and more conscious about their appearance and the benefits of skin and hair care. At Lakmé Salon we have been offering expert services to women and in order to be able to extend these services to men, we have launched our first salon for Him & Her, Lakmé Ivana. All services at the salon have been developed keeping in mind the needs of both, male and female customers.”

At Lakmé Ivana, his and her, beauty & grooming needs will be handled by a team of expert stylists and skin consultants. The team of hair designers has been trained by TIGI’s internationally certified trainers, ensuring customers are given a treatment and style that is not only fashionable, but tailored just for them. Lakmé Ivana is the destination where both men and women can find inspiration for their next look.

About Lakmé Lever
Lakmé Lever Pvt. Ltd (Lakmé Lever) is dedicated to the contemporary Indian woman’s exploration of the fine art of beauty. It operates India’s first and leading chain of Lakmé Studios and Salons that offer expert services in Hairstyling, Skin and Beauty care. The studios and salons offer a differentiated experience, delighting women by the expertise of their professionally trained hair designers, hair artists, skin experts and consultants, and now to men also.

Lakmé Lever also operates Lakmé Academies in partnership with Pivot Point, USA, world leader in ‘beauty education’. Combining international cosmetics, hair and skin care technology with an in- depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé Studios and Salons offer their customers a holistic ‘Beauty Sutra’ experience.

Lakmé Lever has a presence of 150 Lakmé Salons at premium locations in 34 cities.



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