Monday, October 31, 2011

Yardley of London Hamper Review

I received Yardley of London Hamper for review purposes. Since its Hot as Hell in mumbai - I use up deodorants in a jiffy..

I am a huge fan of fragrances - Be it Deodorants or perfumes. So reviewing this hamper is going to be fun !!

So Here is the hamper which I will be reviewing today ----

My Experience with the Products: 

Yardley of London is such a old brand -- I remember my mom using its talc - Thus the products bring back a fond memory.

Product : Yardley Of London Deodorant - English Lavender
Price: 150 INR  for 150 ml 

I absolutely loved the deodorant - The smell of which is floral lavender which is intense and lingers on the whole day.

The fragrance of the deodorant is not over empowering which is good.

The top notes are floral which then settle down to kind of a sweet fragrance.

The deodorant was skin friendly - did not give me any skin irritation at all.

The product is economically priced for the quantity it provides.

I can't find anything wrong with this product-  love this deodorant - I wear it everyday  :)

Product :Yardley Of London Soap -  English Lavender:
Price: 40 INR for 100 gms

This soap comes in a cardboard box packaging and inside the soap is packed in a paper which has the same print as the outer box packing. 

The soap is light purple - lavender colour. 

The smell of the soap is same as that of lavender deodorant. It is floral and tends to linger on for hours after you use it. 

The soap is very skin- friendly. It doesn't dry out your skin and do not cause any skin irritation. 

It leaves your skin moisturised after you use it. 

The soap is decently priced and lasts you for a long time. It does not melt easily. 

I absolutely love using this soap and layering lavender deodorant - so as to lock its floral fragrance which stays with you the whole day.

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Please note: The hamper was sent by the company's PR for consideration.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mikyajy introduces bath and bodycare line for popular Karaz, Zanbag, Toot Toot and 7ubi fragrances

Mikyajy Introduces Bath and Bodycare Line for Karaz, Zanbag, Toot Toot and 7ubi Scents

Mikyajy brings you the bath and bodycare line inspired by four of our most popular scents: Zanbag, Toot Toot, 7ubi and Karaz. Each has its own distinctive quality carefully created for those who like to give their skin a treat. There's one for every girl no matter what mood she's in!

·Yummy fruit flavours like blackcurrant and raspberry, red fruits, apple, white musk and vanilla make Toot Toot sound (and smell!) like a scrumptious dessert - without the weight gain!

· A light water lily scent, Zanbag is inspired by graceful white flowers and a tinge of sea breeze.

· Karaz blends fruit and flowers, featuring intense notes of magnolia and apples and finishing off with the earthiness of a forest.

· 7ubi is bright and sweet, and its oriental tones make it one of the most popular scents at Mikyajy stores.

Mikyajy promises high quality bodycare products originating in France, including shower gel, body lotion, body butter, body mist and anti-perspirant. These may be purchased individually or in gift sets. The shower gel is the perfect way to start your morning, gently bringing your skin to life. The scented body lotion, containing glycerin and allantoin, leaves skin smooth to the touch and is a must-have for those with dry skin. To add even more nourishing to your skin, slather on body butter and really take your hydrating to the next level. You can also smell as fresh as you feel by wearing anti-perspirant. Top off with a subtle body mist and drift through your day lightly blessed with fragrance.

7ubi, Toot Toot, Zanbag and Karaz will be available in most Mikyajy stores from the 1st November 2011.




I am drooling over the whole range .... WHAT ABOUT YOU ????  
HO HUM !!  :(

Monday, October 24, 2011

Win Yardley Of London Hampers !!!

Hello everyone !!!

I hope you are all enjoying the festive season... On the event of launching the new TVC by Yardley of london .. They decided to hold a giveaway contest on the blog...

Any two winners will stand a chance to win Yardley Gift Hampers....

Here are the Rules to Enter the Giveaway : (This contest is for Indian Residents only)

You need to follow my blog through GFC. Enter your GFC name and email address in the comments section below.

You need to "Like" Yardley of London Facebook Page HERE.

Answer a question - Which Yardley Fragrance suits you the best and Why?

Enter your answers in form of a comment. I will announce the winners on 5th November.

Please note: This is a sponsored giveaway. I am not affiliated to the brand in anyway.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flower Of Life -Shea Butter Soap with Lavender Basil Essential Oil Blend. Pure Lavender Basil

Today I will be reviewing 100% Herbal Handmade soap. I have never reviewed a soap before so If I goof up anywhere please excuse me for it --- The soap I will be reviewing is Flower of Life  - Shea Butter Soap with Lavender Basil Blend Essential Oils. This soap is manufactured by Swadeshi Natures Products. Below is some background information about the organisation. You can visit their website HERE.

About the Organization: 
Swadeshi Natures Products, is considered to be a leading manufacturer and supplier  of natural and herbal products like fancy soaps, handmade natural soaps, gift soaps based on the formulae of ancient Ayurveda, Alchemy, Tibetan Treatment, and Unani. 

They use 100% pure natural herbs to manufacture our bathing products - soaps and toiletries - which have wide application areas in human life. Natural resources, plants, and herbs are used as the main source for manufacturing these products which help in reducing stress, tension, and illness by improving the immunity of our body. 

From the past, the formulae and theories of Ayurveda, Alchemy and Aromatherapy have been proven as the best medicine to cure our body and health in a natural way. Based on those concept, they manufacture a wide assortment of soaps and herbal products to keep our body free from illness, disease and stress. 

The products offered by them help in uplifting the status of mind, soul and psychology. 

Aromatherapy and herbal soaps offered by them provide complete solutions to the problems of skin, body as well as mind by invoking stability in mind and anti depressant agents. 

The offered range of soaps made of natural oils and herbs provide the best solutions to various skin problems, different rashes, and skin disorders. 

Various types of herbal soaps made of Jasmine, Lavender, and Rose Oil, Sandalwood powder soap and Lemon refreshing soaps are supplied by them. 

Apart from this, they also expertise in making 100% herbal Handmade soaps with the essential oils of Tee Tree, Cinnamon, Olive, Basil, and Black pepper.

Product: Flower Of Life - Handmade - Shea Butter Soap with Pure Lavender Basil Essential Oil Blend. 

Price: 150 INR
Quantity: 100 gms 

Claims: 100% Natural Luxurious Handemade Shea Butter Soap with Lavender Basil Essential Oil Blend.

The soap is rich in moisturizing properties and smells wonderful. The Lavender -Basil Essential Oil Blend has a light calming scent and soothes nerves. The soap forms a creamy lather and leaves skin soft, smooth, and clean.  

My Take on the Product: 

The first thing I noticed when I used this soap for the first time was the strong smell of Lavender and Basil. The moment you lather up the soap your filled with the smell of essential oils. 

The smell of the soap is strong which might irritate some people. I found the smell quite bearable. 

The downside I found about the product was that the smell does not tend to linger on even for a minute. The moment you step out of shower and smell your hands the fragrance of the essential oils has vanished away. 

I liked the creamy rich lather the soap produces which cleanses your skin perfectly. 

The Shea Butter in the product prevents over drying your skin after using the soap. 

All in all this soap is a good product which is worth trying once. 

The only thing which bothered me was the price of the product - it is expensive .. The same kind of handmade natural soaps manufactured by Khadi are available at a much cheaper rates. 

Please Note: The product was sent by the company for consideration.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Himalaya Herbals Lip Butter

One more addition to my collection of lip balms and chapsticks - Himalaya Herbal's lip butter. I have used a variety of lip balms and chapsticks before - but this lip butter is the first one I  have ever used. Hence I was very curious when I received this one for review purposes.

What's the difference between Lip Balms and Lip Butters ? 

The skin that cover's our lips are without the oil glands that prevent drying out the skin so we need to keep them moisturised and healthy at all times.

Lip Balms are more waxy in consistency that help prevent chapping,drying or cracking of lips.

Lip butters are thicker in consistency and contain no artificial ingredients. They are more moisturising than the lip balms.

PRODUCT: Himalaya Herbals Lip Butter
QUANTITY: 10 gms

What the product claims? 

A unique and luxurious blend of exotic butters that provides nourishing care,keeping your lips supple,smooth and healthy all day long.

Cocoa Butter, Sal Butter, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter.

My take on the Product: 

I am a basic kajal, eyeliner and lip balm/gloss person for most of the days. Hence it is obvious I have a stack when it comes to lip balms and chapsticks. 

When I first eyed this product - I was very curious to use it because I had never used a lip butter before. So when I used it for the first time I definitely loved it because it is perfect for winters.

This product comes in a transparent tub like packaging with a green screw cap lid. If you open the lid, inside there's a white lid that fits into the mouth of the tub. It prevents the butter from drying out I guess.

I love the cocoa butter smell of the product.

The consistency of the lip butter is obviously very thick which makes it perfect for winter when my lips dry out immensely. I apply this butter before going to bed every night to find my lips moisturised and soft the next morning.

The lip butter stays on for hours after application which I like !!

The quantity provided is quite a lot - the product will stay for a long time.

What I dislike about the Product: 

The price - It is expensive. Himalaya Herbals generally have affordable products.

You can't apply this lip butter during summers and other season - the thick consistency just won't work out in humid weather of Mumbai.

Also I hated it when it caused my hair to stick to my lip butter on the lips. I found that very irritating.

The product lacks SPF.

I personally do not prefer tub- like packaging. Dipping your fingers into the product is just very messy.

Love it Or Chuck it ? 

I am in a love - hate relationship with this one. WHAT ABOUT YOU ???

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.

Rejuvenate with Marks & Spencer

SAKS Winter Festive Collection 2011

Saks Hair & Beauty India unveiled some uber stylish hair styles & looks for the festive season
October21, 2011, Mumbai: The evening was filled with style and glamour as SAKS unveiled the ‘Winter Festive Hair Collection 2011’. Styled by the Saks Art Team for the forthcoming festive season, this chic hair show made a style statement and helped SAKS embark on their Indian journey.  Choreographed by Marc Robinson and wardrobe styled by Gavin Miguel, the show was hosted in the sprawling and luxurious 6,000 sq. ft. unisex salon on Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai.

SAKS, UK’s leading hair and beauty salon group with over 1 million customers and with over 200 salons across UK launched in India offering unique and very exclusive services and treatments with a super-premium ambience and contemporary and classy décor. The all-white décor promises a soothing and calming effect while the tastefully done spa and mani-pedi rooms promise complete relaxation and stress-relief. Saks Hair & beauty has exclusively tied-up with Elemis UK’s leading luxury spa to offer signature face and body therapies, facials and massages for men & women to treat anti-ageing, face-lifting and skin lightening.

Capturing the essence of Autumn/Winter and focusing on exaggerated shapes and multi-textured and mixed fabrics, amplified by fashion trends, the Saks Art Team created this season’s ultimate hair trends – The Streets. The eclectic stand-out styles and colours predicted for the season promises to make many heads turn!  Predictions were to texture and layers in the hair with a grown in feel. Fringes are back big time, longer and full of texture and movement. Colours brighten and shimmer, the perfect antidote to grey skies. 

Talking about their autumn hair collection, Mr. Burzin Daver, CEO, Saks Hair & Beauty said, “Today, India is totally in tune with the international trends. Keeping this in mind, we would like to introduce the latest international hair trends to our customers and want to give them the latest & chic international hair styles. We at Saks believe in giving the best treatment and services to our customers and strive to provide the best and exclusive services and treatments.”   

Saks aims to give their customers a totally VIP beauty experience that leaves you feeling a million bucks! Positioned as the premium unisex international salon, Saks plans to earn the loyalty of its customers by offering trendy looks, exclusive hi-end brands and a service portfolio that covers all their beauty needs. With today’s busy lifestyles, we could all benefit from some much needed ‘me’ time. Saks is one stop shop for hair care, beauty treatments & nail care. Saks India has major expansion plans in India and aims to open 30 salons in 3 years in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other major cities of India. 

For VIP and celebrity clients Saks has introduced ‘Royalty Suite’, a one-of-kind concept. A sprawling room with hair station, backwash, mani-pedi station, treatment bed and an attached bathroom. The idea behind this was to provide all Saks treatments in one room in complete privacy.



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