Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Serum

Hair serums or Silk Drops or Silk Serum is a big hit with people who have to attend to dry and frizzy hair.Besides entangling the hair, Hair Serum  also gives hair a shiny and glossy look. It provides protection from constant exposure to sun and hair styling products.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Serum is the last product which was left for me to review from their Nourishing Oil Care Range. I had reviewed their shampoo and conditioner Here and also hair mask Here.

Product: Dove Nourishing Oil Care Serum.
Quantity: 40 ml
Price: 300 INR.



First Look At the Product:

The serum comes in a small transparent bottle with a pump dispenser which dispenses yellow colored transparent serum. The bottle is quite sturdy and it is travel friendly.

Directions and Caution:

My Take On the Product: 

I am not into using hair serums and this serum is the first ever serum I have used so far. The first time I used the serum I pumped the dispenser 2- 3 times amount of product and applied it on my wet hair. After a day - My hair turned into an oil slick.

I have fine hair with no volume whatsoever hence the next time I used the product I made it a point to use it sparsely. I pumped the product once and applied it. The result was very nice - The serum easily disperses on the hair.

The serum entangled my hair and makes it smooth and shiny. Hair Serums are said to provide protection from sun and hair styling gadgets. I don't know whether this serum does that job or not.

I am sorry but I also do not possess frizzy hair so I cant comment whether it works on the frizzy hair or not.  All in all I can say that the serum only imparted a shiny glossy look to my hair.. It is ideal to use for special occasions. 

Love it Or Chuck it ? 

I will give this one a pass - it is pricey and does not do any wonders to your hair other than making it glossy.

Please Note: The products were gifted by the brand-Dove through a Indiblogger website.

Have you girls tried this product yet?? what do you think of it??



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