Sunday, May 15, 2011

L'oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation

I remember getting this product after the hype of mineral makeup set in the field of cosmetic products. I was impressed by the claims that mineral makeup made and of all the benefits mineral makeup offered.

Some benefits mineral makeup offers:
  •  Most mineral makeup have SPF factor – so they can act as sunscreens.       
  • They hide blemishes and flaws of your skin – also they look very natural as if you‘re not wearing any makeup at all.       
  • They do not contain any harsh chemicals.     
  • They claim to stay on for long hours.   
  • They can be used for all skin types.

 I was so blown away by seeing the advert of sheer cover and it’s amazing qualities I decided to lay my hands on mineral foundation. After reading many reviews on youtube I decided to get L’oreal Paris True Match Foundation.  

So here’s my view on it –

 This foundation comes in a rather unique packing... A transparent tub bottle with a small kabuki brush attached to the screw tap. This screw cap is further covered by a transparent top. Remove the transparent top and unscrew the cap to find a cover similar to a sieve through which a fine powder is dispensed. You swirl the kabuki brush in the powder . . . Gently tap the brush to remove the excess powder and apply it on your face in circular movements.

The first time I applied it I had my fan on which made the powder fly off a bit. So learn from mistakes and be sure you switch the fan off. I also applied the foundation too much. The first time I applied it – I looked in the mirror to find that there’s nothing on my face. So I applied a bit more and more again – I ended up putting too much of it and it looked ghostly.

So now I take utmost care to apply little of this foundation. This foundation is actually for people with almost perfect skin. I mean it doesn’t give full coverage like other foundations.  It gives a really sheer coverage. It was not successful in hiding up my blemishes nor lightens my dark circles. This was a big disappointment for me because I had shelled out 1100 bucks for this product.

Next thing I observed was that it is good for my oily skin at the time we apply it. The foundation however did not stay on for more than 2 hours. It also oxidized make my face look darker after awhile. Also some amount of the foundation always get stuck to the screw cap lid - that much of mineral powder is lost or wasted everytime.

This is bulky and so its not travel friendly. You cannot carry this bulky thing around in your purse.

The foundation looks natural when applied in small quantities. Another good thing about this product is that it has SPF 15. It also did not break me out because I have super sensitive skin which reacts when I use some new product. 

Lastly I will say I don’t love this product. I use it as a powder to set my liquid foundation. True match foundation they said – WHATEVER !!

LOVE IT OR CHUCK IT: Chuck it! Unless you have perfect blemish free skin and are looking for sheer coverage foundation. 

Have you tried this foundation yet? Did you like it ?? 


  1. chuck it for me too Rids....I need a full coverage foundation too!! :)

  2. chucked!!!!me dont like sheer foundations.............

  3. @ jinal -- yups !! my 1100 bucks wasted :(

    @dr shivani - me too need full coverage foundation :)

  4. Joppa minerals has great mineral foundation with full coverage. I love it

    also you can use this over your regular fondation instead of compact

  5. never heard of joppa minerals ... ll check em out for sure . . :)

  6. hi rids, many thanks for your visit to my nusantara blog ; tho i am commenting here from my other blog..
    foundation does create a difference to the skin tone and texture..never tried loreal before. have a nice day

  7. @cooking varieties - oh u have other blog too ... ll check tht out soon . . .loreal mineral is not tht good .. :)


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