Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tempting Treats from MIKYAJY'S

HI again friends! Today I will be sharing with you gift I bought for myself and my friend while I had been to holiday trip to Dubai sometime back. I went to Sephora because we don’t have Sephora here in India and I was really keen on checking out stuff there. But unfortunately, the stuff that I was looking for was not there !! They didn’t sell the stuff I wanted over there in Dubai’s Sephora. So I checked out another store – of a rather famous brand in UAE – yups ! MIKYAJY’S !! 

ABOUT MIKYAJY’S (straight from their website ! )
Mikyajy is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the Middle East. Launched in 1999, today we have more than 160 stores across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Libya. Mikyajy Brand Highlights include the fact that we were ranked 29th in the Forbes Arabia Top 40 Arab Brands; an incredible achievement for a brand that was born just 10 years ago!

Being creative and fun has made us into one of the leading cosmetic brands in the Middle East. Mikyajy offers a range of top quality products, developed and made in Europe to international specifications, to satisfy all requirements of its demanding clientele. The Mikyajy product offer includes color cosmetics, skin care products and make up tools. This complete product line up is guaranteed to ensure that you will always be able to find the perfect product to suit all your needs!

Mikyajy is continuing to grow globally through franchise operations.

I was sceptical at first because I had never heard of this brand and didn’t trust their stuff. But I was proved wrong. I was blown off by the pigmentation that their eye-shadows and blushes offered. The consistency of the gloss and lipsticks were just right and also because of Dubai Shopping Festival – they had discounts on many things – THAT REALLY MADE MY DAY. I basically went there because one of my very good friends wanted a makeup palette – she was looking for something sleek and compact and that basically had everything. I found just the thing she wanted and in addition to that I couldn’t resist myself in picking up makeup box for me too. So here is what I got for myself –  This palette is called “ TEMPTING TREATS” and it is their best selling product. Its a compact with 84 eyeshadows, 60 lip colours, 8 blushers, 4 concealers and 4 eyebrow powders. This palette was  my solution for getting variety of colourful looks.
This makeup box is very similar to SMASHBOX’S makeup box I had seen earlier. But Smashbox palette didn’t have good lipcolors ( at least that’s what people were reviewing on the net)
84 Eye-shadows – vibrant colors and highly pigmented.

 Eyeshadows on the right side of the tray

 Eyeshadows on the left side of the tray

 lip colors on the right side of tray - consistency of these lip colors are just perfect.. :) 

 lip colors on the left side of the tray 

 8 blushes - which are nicely pigmented. At the bottom right side it has 4 eyebrow powder while the left side has 4 concealers

Swatches of the eyeshadows,blushes and lip colors  ALONG WITH THE OTHER PALETTE will be coming up soon !!!
Till then
Have a HAPPY DAY !!!
Love ,


  1. Wow Rids, beautiful colors :))
    What's the price?

  2. thnk u uzma !!! the price was around 200 AED

  3. hey Rids I will defly come 2 u sumtime whenever I need any of these ;)..Hahaha!!!

  4. @viraj - - hehehehe anytime :)

  5. Wow rids nice blog...luvd it :)

  6. @ miss S - thnk u miss S :) glad u dropped by .. :)

  7. superb!!
    I had never heard about this brand before. Thanx for introducing this. If I ever happen to go on a trip to Dubai or someone else is going...I'll make sure to get something from this brand. Waiting for swatches. :))

  8. @ jinal - me too came to know about this brand when i went there.. they hav amazin products.. their eyeliners r v nice i hv heard .. swatches coming up soon :)

  9. Hey Rids!
    Congratulations on your purchase of Tempting Treats. You made the right choice!

    I also absolutely love Mikyajy cosmetics. I currently own eyeshadow and lip color kits such as; Tempting Treats, Rainbow Eyes. Mini kits such as Berry Eyes, Candy Lips, Coffee Eyes and Choco Lips. I have their Sabaya Liquid Eye Liner which is easy to apply and has excellent color. Plus I also have their 10 pc Brush Set which is amazing! It helps to ensure perfect application of my makeup! =) Mikyajy is awesome!

  10. @ sahar - yups this brand is amazing ..too bad we dont get it here in india . . :(

  11. Great Palette .. Really this is Tempting Treat :)


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