Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Things i picked up past few days . . .

Hi again . . . I will just blabber about few things i picked up dis week and will be sharing with all of you my take on the products i picked up  :)

I had my friend pick up Colossal Kajal from Maybelline -- a must raved and reviewed product. I had to try this one myself to believe its awesomeness !!
Next i picked up these cute sandals along with my friend from our famous vile parle market.

Firstly, the Kajal ... This kajal is the super duper hero for all us girls who sweat out their ass in non-air conditioned rooms ( at least i do - in the sweaty dingy lab of mine). I got this kajal at a discount rate of 135 rupees from Beauty Store in Kandivli,Mumbai. The kajal lives upto its claim of being smudge proof and long lasting. It does not budge from my waterline like other kajal do. . This kajal stays put on my waterline for good 4-5 hours. It is the blackest black kajal i have seen. Unlike other kajal which comes in a lipstick like packaging.. this one is sleek and similar like - eye pencils in terms of packaging which can twisted up.

 Here are the swatches - --
Isn't the kajal the blackest black you ever seen ? ?  the swatch below is after swiping the kajal twice on the wrist . . :) 

After rubbing the kajal four times -- it still managed to stay a little bit.

KEEP IT OR CHUCK IT : Duh ! this product is definitely for KEEPS!!

NEXT, the sandals .. i wasn't looking anything to buy in particular but me n friend landed up checking out a new shop in the market.. since the shop is in vile parle - which is like a hub of many colleges, it had 10% discount offer to students who show their identity cards on the counter. ANYWAYS !! so i liked these sandals and picked them up for 445 bucks after discount !!

The shop had two colors for this sandals - Grey colored ones which i bought and other was BLACK AND RED ... i thought grey ones will go with everything i wear ... they are very comfy.. soft and the sole is of good quality too ... also the sandals have these Velcro straps which will PREVENT LOOSING MY SANDALS IN TRAINS ...hahahaa ... yes i have lost sandals and many other adorable footwear while travelling during peak hours in MUMBAI LOCALS...  

SO DO YOU LIKE THEM ??? let me know ...

till then ,


  1. hahaha......I love reading your posts Rids!!
    Agree with loosing footwear in locals :P :P
    I loved the sandals....awesome!! I want to come and shop at Vile Parle market now :smug:

  2. @jinal - thnk u jinal :) i lost two footwear in locals yaaar :( :(

    these sandals r d best dey re so comfy to wear.. :)

  3. come to vile parle ... ll take you shopping :)

  4. nice pick...i lyk dis blog nd all ur posts..
    as its normal bcoz its full of gurly stuff.. :D
    keep posting abt beauty nd care.. :D

  5. @sweety- m so glad u lik ma blog .. ll keep postin abt more fun stuff ahead .. Thnk u


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