Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lotus Herbals Swift Makeup Stick

Oh! How clearly I remember getting this product I had gone to the beauty store in search of a good concealer for my dark circles and ended up buying this. As soon as I entered the store I headed towards Maybelline counter in hopes of finding a concealer. I was disappointed to find that Maybelline didn’t sell any concealer in India. Just when I was turning away, a SA of the very next counter which belonged to Lotus Herbals started showing me something. I must tell that particular SA was so pushy !!
She got me to buy a lip gloss and other product which is lotus swift makeup. It is a 4 in one product which acts as foundation, concealer, compact providing matt powder finish and lastly moisturizing. She applied the product in the under eye area and it was successful in concealing them to an extent. So I finally got it and after using it for quite sometime now, here’s the review ---

PRODUCT:  Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup
PRICE: 249 rupees
SHADE:  730 Creamy Peach

This product comes in a thick lipstick like case which has a transparent cover on the top. The top can be removed and the bottom is twisted up to use the product. It looks like an ordinary stick foundation.
I personally do not prefer stick foundations because they are too difficult to blend making the process of applying the foundation too tedious. 

I tried applying this foundation all over my face but I highly disliked the way it makes you feel.  It makes my face feel very weird. The foundation is not difficult to blend into the skin but it kind of feels very strange and abnormal to me when I apply it all over my face. It made me feel like I am wearing something thick on my face.

I dislike the oily- kind of smell that this product has. Being a huge fragrance fan – oily smell is a total turn off for me. 

 I also dislike the fact that this product stands at the risk of getting contaminated. Everytime we apply this product on the skin the bacteria can keep on lodging itself on the top of the product which may cause acne or break-outs later on. You can’t risk applying the product with your bare hands until they are absolutely clean.    

Since it is creamy and moisturizing, I have broken its stick twice. :)
This product is good for covering acne and blemishes on your skin. It acts as a good spot concealer but certainly not as face foundation. 

It has SPF 15 which is also good as you won’t need to apply sunscreen separately.

LOVE IT OR CHUCK IT? : This product is definitely a pass for me. I use this product to conceal blemishes. I would definitely chuck it if I were to use it as a foundation.



  1. Even I don't feel very comfortable in using such stick products...Their consistency is a lot different from liquid products and feel difficult to blend..Nice review Rids!! :D

  2. @ calicoaster - thanks cali !! :) stick foundations r gud to b used as spot concealers only :)

  3. nice review rids..I guess d loreal stick one is smoother n blends well..

  4. Hey rids..*same pinch* coz I hate all the qualities that you hate about this foundation. :D

  5. @ bhumika -- thnks bhumi ... i havent checked out loreal stick yet. . . .

    @ siri -- yuppie we r same same but different . . .hehehehee

  6. hey , since you mentioned that you bought this to cover dark circles, just curious to know if it helped in the said task at all. i would so not want a greasy foundation, but a greasy concealer i may forgive. i am looking for undereye concealers too.. i have heard the chambor stick foundation is non greasy. just wanted to know is lotus a good stick for dark circles.

  7. @ of rainy days - yups i got it to cover dark circles.. n it does help to an extent.. but after a while i dont like the feel of it . .

  8. hmmm i can imagine rids, i have oily skin too. but i just love the price. i hear tips and toes is out with a foundation stick too. shall try it too.

  9. @ of rainy days - i havent checked out tips and toes before. . . :)

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