Monday, May 30, 2011

I havent had anything like this before - DELMONTE !

The ad is so catchy that it will leave you humming the song all day long. Yes I am talking about the new Delmonte Juices that have hit the Indian markets. Everyone from my family loves juices and you will always find two boxes of Tropicana juice in our refrigerator. This time however when we spotted Delmonte juices in Hypercity we decided to give them a try.  
Perfect for summers and perfect for kind of therapy for glowing skin – Juice therapy.  Any fruit juice is chocked up with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Tempting isn’t it ?? WAIT A MINUTE. . !!!  
I absolutely disliked the taste. . the juice looked nice and pulpy with bits of pineapple in it but when I tasted it ... I felt like I am having a slurry of canned pineapples. . . HO HUM!!  So much for Fresh fruit juices. . . Maybe the other flavor might be good. . . ? ? ? ?

Have you tried DELMONTE Before ? ? ? 


  1. Had the same experience , started singing and stopped after drinking it :P

  2. hahahahaha ... me too... !! hahahaha. . . now i just sing the song . . .


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