Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love Purple Stars !!!!! NOTD

hello everyone !! Today I will be doing an easy-peasy nail art. Its time to flaunt off Purple Stars on my nails today .

Here is the list of what all things you will need: 

A dotting tool  OR  Toothpick  OR disposable plastic nichrome loop.

Fimo canes slices. . . easily available from beauty supply store.

A sparkly nail color to add the twinkles of the night sky -  I am using Street Wear's icy blue shade.  

Bluish - purple shade for the background. I am using Street Wear's - Ice Breaker. You can use any other color you like.

 Lastly my favorite top coat - to seal and set everything in... this one is from Maybelline's Colorama range.

Now let's start ---
Start with clean and moisturized nails.. apply cuticle cream and push back your cuticles a bit. Apply a base coat if your working with bright colors. 

Proceed to paint the background -- i choose bluish purplish color inspired by the colors of late evening sky.

After the paint dries off, apply your top coat ... while the top coat is still fresh and wet.. pick up the fimo slices with the help of a dotting tool and apply them on your nails. . .

 And TADA .... Your finished. . . It should look something like this. . . make sure your fimo slices are stuck properly. Once dried . . finish it off with a top coat to seal our nail art in. I applied sparkly nail paint on the top to give a sparkly effect. . .

So . . . Let me know ... Do you like it ? ? 



  1. I loved it!

    Where did u get the stars from! They so cute!

    Keep it up girl!

  2. @ uzma - thnku :) :)

    @vinita - u get the nail art wheel in beauty shop stores. . :)

  3. Like it..Its pretty..I specially like the colors!Keep up the art!! :)

  4. @viraj - thnk u viruuuu :) :)

  5. such a cute nail art tinkerbell! <3 <3 <3 i saw such fimo slices in a local shop!! yay! will buy next time.

  6. Soo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee .

  7. so pretty and easy nail art Rids :D :D

  8. Very pretty..You have beautiful nails..

  9. @siri - yup dey r easily available n so easy to use ..glad u likd it

  10. @ princess , jinal , prachi - thnk u gurls

  11. waoooo great products.. i like everything here great blogger. Am Amanda from you can also join my blog or link exchange!

  12. @rids w3ow i luv tose tiny stars they are reaally gud nice nail art and simple and styish too


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