Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garnier Pure Active Range - Pure unclogging Wash

As I said earlier I have sensitive combination and acne prone skin. I am still in search of my HG face wash ..nopes not found it yet... So when Garnier launched its Pure Active Range just weeks after Clean N Clear launched its blackhead clearing scrub, I was all excited to give this one a try. I dunno why i am so forgiving... Garnier products have never worked for me ... STILL ! whenever they launch something new .. I get it to give it a try .. Every Single Time !!!

So now that I finally finished up the product. I can write a review about it better.
PRODUCT:  Garnier Pure Active Pore unclogging Wash.
QUANTITY: 150 gms
PRICE: 100 Rupees.

Garnier Pure Active -Pore unclogging wash

What the product claims:

The new Garnier Pure Active pore unclogging wash deeply purifies pores and removes inlayed impurities and prevents formation of imperfection marks to give a perfection skin result.

Its refreshing formula delivers a double anti- spots & anti marks action:
Enriched with an excellent exfoliating ingredient, it deeply purifies pores.
Enriched with a natural regenerating active, it prevents the formation of imperfection marks.

My Take On the Product:
This face wash comes in a handy tube packaging with a blue flip cap. It is travel friendly.
The face wash is transparent blue gel which lathers up quite well and menthol in the product provides cooling effect while you use the product.
It does not dry out your skin after you wash your face with it. 
Transparent Light Blue Gel
Besides that , I have nothing else to praise about this product - it certainly did not show results from DAY ONE like the product claimed.
I continued getting acne and whiteheads. It certainly did not prevent break-outs on my skin.
The product claims to work on imperfections and marks - I saw no effect whatsoever.
Some people may not like the minty smell that this product has.
People with perfect skin can try this product as it may work well for their face in summers to get rid of summer sweat.

Love it or Chuck it ?
Do I need to say more ?? - Chuck it !


  1. oh..I do like the clean n clear one..though not helpful in blackheads..I like the effect somehow..and it cools and pacifies the skin it has salicylic acid may be thats y..
    Evn I dont prefer no suit me too :/

  2. i havent tried clean and clear... this face wash has salicylic acid too.. but somehow i dunno why garnier never suited me. .. as for scrub i use st.ives.. its very good. . . :)

  3. so bad it didnt work out...feels bad when u expect a product to really work for u.... :/

  4. @ pooja g - yups i know :( :(

  5. @rids...replying u here from my blog comment....Mumbai is such a big metro city...n Elle 18 is not available dere i m a bit ( actually more than that :P ) surprised....look in local cosmetics shop....u will find this brand dere only...not available in malls as far as i know!

  6. @ pooja G - aaw thnks for d reply ... i checked out the beauty shop here in kandivli ... it was not there... was very surprised.. ll have to hunt in chotu chotu shops now . . .:)

  7. Rids, You are indeed very forgiving :D I have tried 2-3 garnier products & gave up, I think they don't suit anybody!

  8. @uzma - dis tym.i give up .... Finally neva gonna try nythng frm dis brand evrr .... Promiseeeee

  9. I tried the blackhead uprooting scrub from same range. That was also just ok, nothing miraculous.

  10. @prachi - yups .... Dis was disappointin

  11. Great review Rids..very detailed 7 informative :D
    I love using Himalaya face wash :)

  12. @rakshanda- yups me too prefer himalaya than dis one

  13. Hey Rids..I agree with Bhumika abt the clean and clear Blackhead scrub ..Although I hv never tried Garnier nw following ur review and the comments I am never gonna try it! Thanks for the review :)

  14. @viraj --- viruuuuu dekha v alwayz get gud stuff for u ... Hehehe aage bhi bolna i n rads ll get stuff for u

  15. Hey yeah..Thanku thanku :)))

  16. Hi... Im quite suprised that the liquid is so diff than what i've bought, im from singapore but the packaging seems to be the same... Mine is very milky colour & the consistancy is way thicker. Not sure why?!?! Im suprised myself.


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