Friday, June 24, 2011

Nourish - Bath and Body --My Take on Products from Beaute Naturelle

 A few days earlier i had posted about a site that I came across - Beaute Naturelle. It is an Internet boutique which offers wonderful totally natural and organic beauty and personal care products. You can read my article

 I had a chat with Meg on the phone and it was very nice talking to her personally. She told me a lot about her site as well as her passion for photography. It was lovely talking to her and I am glad to be given an opportunity to review some of the products her site has to offer here.

Meg had beautifully packed all the products and had it courier to me .. I loved the way she had labelled all the products so wonderfully and I was touched to read hand written letter she wrote ... somehow letters really impress me .. handwritten letters have an all together different charm to it.. which email ll never have :(
Dont we all luv a personal touch !! <3

So - Basically her site sells five brands -
  • Tvam:Naturally yours
  • Nourish Body and Bath
  • Last Forest Enterprises
  • Ruby's Herbals
  • Divine.
In this post I will be doing a quick review on products -

Madras Coffee Madness Body Scrub - from "Nourish Body and Bath" 

About the product:
This amazing sugar and coffee-based body scrub completely smooths out rough spots like knees, heels and elbows. Worried you might smell like coffee? Don't! The coffee scent serves as a wonderful wake-up call to your senses as you open the jar. The essential oils in the scrub leave your skin so unbelievably soft; you can skip the lotion.

Price : 350 Rupees.

My Experience with the product: 
 This product had spilled out of the container a bit when it reached me :( . First look at the product and I saw the granules are coarse and big so certainly cannot use it on the face. It has small sugar granules too and also a bit of oil to moisturize the skin. It has strong smell of coffee - so people who love coffee - this is for you because the smell instantly wakes you up. The product does an excellent job at scrubbing away the dead cells. It works best on my feet.  :)   

Lavender Vanilla Lotion - From " Nourish Body and Bath"

About the product: 
The clean, classic fragrance of lavender and the uplifting notes of vanilla. Mmmm. Transcendental! A lotion that reminds you of meadows and mists and mellow evenings. Lavender is believed to promote cell regeneration and reduce stress. A must-buy! 

Price: 345 Rupees

My Experience with the product: 

This is a wonderful lotion. I love the smell - it is mainly smelling of vanilla. The smell lingers on 2- 3 hours easily. It keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day.The consistency is just perfect and the lotion gets absorbed easily into the skin. It is totally non- greasy which is Perfect !!  Overall it is perfect for all skin types.    

So this is it for today girls - Next post I will be reviewing more products from this site.  :) 
Meanwhile you can check out this wonderful site HERE


  1. Coffee and Vanila are my favourites..:-)

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  3. D coffee smell woke me up indeed


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