Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beauté Naturelle - An online Boutique

I came across such a nice E-Boutique while surfing through net a lazy afternoon. I checked it out to see what the online site was offering and was pleasantly surprised to see the boutique has so many things to offer.

Let's see what this e-boutique is all about. . .

What it is:

Basically, an internet-based boutique for eco-friendly beauty and personal care products, not tested on animals. We ship anywhere within India. However, we do accept international credit cards; for delivery within India. Thus people based abroad can make purchases or send gifts to relatives or friends in India through our site.

About the Founder:

This boutique belongs to Meghana Chaudhary-Joshi (Meg) who has a Master's in Biomedical Sciences from the US, and have work experience in India and US. Beauté Naturelle is a product of her passion for entrepreneurship, concern for the environment and the community, and love for animals. 


We currently offer products from 5 Indian brands, as listed on the website: tvam, Nourish Body and Bath, Last Forest Enterprises, Ruby's Herbal and Divine. Please read the individual brand info under the "Offerings" tab on their website for details and links HERE.

Philosophy and Goal:

Beauté Naturelle is not your average e- boutique! We support  social and environmental causes. Some of our products, specifically items under "Ruby's Herbal" and "Last Forest Enterprises" are sourced from rural India. Ruby's Herbal products are made on an organic farm in south India which employs rural women. Last Forest is associated with the Keystone Foundation, which works to preserve forests in the Western Ghats regions. The Last Forest lip balms we carry are made with beeswax gathered in the Nilgiri region by the locals, handmade by the women of Kurumbadi hamlet. The Divine soaps are made in the International township of Auroville, near Pondicherry.

The products are all Nature-derived, skin friendly and gentle.

# We seek to encourage the use of organics/natural materials as a lifestyle choice, not just another “new-age fad.”
# We hope to increase awareness towards recycling and the renewal of natural resources, and support groups working to preserve forests.
# Our products are Earth-friendly, Nature-derived and gentle.
# We use recycled/reusable packaging whenever possible.
# Our products have not been tested on animals.
# Some of Beauté Naturelle’s offerings support the livelihood of many village dwellers and tribes in India.

What Beauté Naturelle offers is a chance to look gorgeous and do the right thing for the planet and give back to the community at the same time!

I Say this website will be perfect to lay your hands on some Earth-friendly Natural Body products - These will make a perfect gift for your friends and family.  So go ahead make others happy or pamper yourself !!! 

Do Check out their website - HERE


  1. The Packaging is lovely ,checked out their webpage...thanks for sharing this link and spreading beauty around


  2. @ lipsy- yups they hv awesum products ...

  3. oh that looks great!! :) thanks for introducing it to us

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