Monday, June 13, 2011

Himalaya Under Eye Cream

I have big dark circles... panda like !! So far I have tried Garnier roll on pen for dark circles – didn’t work. Before Himalaya herbals sent me this product to review, I was already using this one. So now after using this product for quite sometime now I think I am at the better position to review this product. 

PRODUCT: Himalaya Under Eye Cream
PRICE: 150 Rupees
QUANTITY: It comes in a pack size of 15 ml. 

COMPOSITION: Under Eye Cream contains the following ingredients:
Cipadessa baccifera moisturizes the skin under eyes
Bergenia ligulata lightens the skin under eyes
Triticum vulgare nourishes the skin under eyes

Himalaya Under Eye Cream - I was already using one.. Now i have two  :) 

Swatch of the cream - It is beige in color.

This product comes in tube pack with green screw cap. The cream is beige in color and very light in consistency. I quite like the consistency of this cream. Other eye creams I used were kind of heavy and sticky so I used to apply them before going to sleep everyday.  This cream is light and is absorbed very quickly into the skin. I apply the cream now during day time too.

This product does not completely erase away your dark circles. But it is successful in smoothening area under the eye.

The herbal blend of the ingredients does not sting your eye and do not cause any allergic reactions.

The cream also goes on sheer under your eye inspite of being beige in color. I use this cream before putting up eye makeup. It moisturises the area well.

It is also very cheap compared to other eye creams available in the market.

This cream will be good for people who are just starting to develop dark circles because this cream definitely prevents the formation of dark circle.

Love it or chuck it?
I will pass this one. 

Please note: This product was sent by the company's PR for consideration. 


  1. I've used this too. Had no effect on the dark circles :(

  2. @ my take on fashion .... Yups me too same results ... :(

  3. Rids, I have very bad dark circles, I'm looking for a nice cream, Aroma magic didn't suit my sensitive skin :(
    Thanks for the review, will give this a pass :)

  4. @ uzma - me tooo hv bad dark circles ... Hv nt tried aroma magic yet ...

  5. Oh this not gud..have heard a lot bout aroma magic..dunno which one wud work nicely.. :/

  6. @ bhumika - have not tried aroma magic yet... ll have to check tht one out . . .

  7. Heyy I agree with you...Good review ..

  8. @viraj- hehehe.didnt work for u as well

  9. i hate it when some products don't live upto their claims. but himalaya is a nice company!! love your honest review :) you know i had dark circles too until i started taking milk and yogurt on daily basis.try it it might help :) <3

  10. @ peach crush - u know i have milk n yogurt daily ...still no luck ... i ll try some other cream ..maybe lotus herbals or aroma magic. . . :)

  11. this is working for me. My dark circles have reduced to a great extent. but one can see the difference only after using for more than 4-5 weeks. Patience is a virtue

  12. @ madhura - still not working ... :( have been using since so long ... umph ! even d product is gettin over now. . :(

  13. Very informative share. I agree with you in this matter. It is really very imperative that you know what types of audience you will have, so as you can prepare what needs to be prepared in the most suitable way.

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