Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dermadew - Acne Soap Review

Hi everyone ... its time for another review .. this time it is a acne soap which is prescribed to me by my dermatologist. Yes I am suffering from acne since past two months now, it is really bothering me and I am frankly very sick and tired mentally of it. As soon as i am successful in getting rid of one... another two of my  "best friends" pop out to say hello . . . . .

It was then I lost hope and decided to visit dermatologist who first suggested me to go in for glycolic peeling . . .which I am sure we all are aware of what that is. . . I declined to go in for that treatment because I don't suffer from that many acne . . .

So she had started on series of medicines and ointments. She also prescribed me this soap and suggested me to use this for my face everyday.

So let's have a look at this soap - -

This soap comes in a packaged box and it shaped very similar as to Dove's soap. The soap does have a faint medicated smell which does not bother much and its very faintly bluish whitish in color.

  What the product says ?

Price: It is expensively priced at 115 Rupees.

Oleo Base Surfactant
Ethyl lactate
Zinc PCA
Salicylic acid
Manuka concentrate
Willow Extract
Tea Tree Oil
Olive oil
Aloe vera

My Take on the Product: 

I absolutely love this soap. It is very gentle on the skin and does not dry out my skin.
It is successful in removing all the dirt and grime. Also it keeps my face matte and oil free for 2- 3 hours.
I noticed that ever since i started using this soap -there has been no new breakouts.
This soap is not successful in getting rid of your existing acne and pimples. It certainly prevents from new ones to occur.
The medicated smell does not linger at all which is a plus point for me.
This soap is successful in getting rid of tiny comedones i had on my face.
You cannot however expect overnight results with this soap. It takes time and slowly shows its effects.

Love it or Chuck it ? 
Love it ! My dermatologist has prescribed me to use this soap thrice daily. 


  1. Nice post! But if I had acne I'd use a foam based cleanser or anti-bacterial face wash. They work great too =)

    Do check out my blog:

  2. @ shang J - i used to use anti- bacterial face wash before .. but they didnt help ... thts when my doc prescribe me this one .. :)

  3. great!! i have acne problem and im sick of it!thanks for the review and for the lovely comment on my blog. following you back :)

  4. @rids wonderful fact my sis has pimple prob..and will goin to buy dis one for her.. :)

  5. @ peach crush - mention not !

    @ ananta - yups definitely get this one... its v nice . . :)

  6. @bhumika - yups .. wont show results instantly though. . .

  7. Thanks ...if it works it would be a lifesaver for summers!!!

  8. @vinita - yups its nice for oilies

    @lipsy-yup i used this soap in summers n it was gud in keepin my face oil free for few hours

  9. hi
    I have been using dermadew aloe soap for my kids since 4yrs. It is certainly better than other baby soaps but in winter it doesn't help much.
    Dermadew caloe lotion is really good similar in terms with lacto calamine but safe for babies and kids.

  10. @madhura- i dunno abt its lotion n aloe soap .

  11. @rids
    the dermadew aloe soap is its regular variant.
    Dermadew also has aloe lotion and caloe which is calamine and aloevera.
    My daughter had developed small itchy rashes all over her body. The doctor had prescribed the soap and aloe lotion for her.
    U can get it in any medical stores.
    The aloe lotion is sticky whereas caloe gives a fresh look to the skin

  12. @ madhura - wow ..thnks for the info madhura.. i ll definitely luv to try its caloe lotion . .

  13. Great informative blog.Today, most of the people are suffering from acne diseases and they all are looking for an immediate and comfortable acne treatment.

  14. Yes dermodew is realy a gud soap for acne,so 1 who is going through pimples skin should try thz

  15. Thanks for the review. I couldn't find it in local stores so i ordered it online from If you can't find it in local stores then order it online here.

  16. Hi

    Can you also let your readers know that they can buy it online at

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  18. I hv been usin dis soap fo quite sometym now... it hs really helped m ...i love dis soap..and would recommend fo all who r tired of thr acne prob...

  19. I use this its a grt soap for acne prone skin

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  21. this acne soap is one of the best soap used for people with rough skin.

  22. Misumi Skincare products are a perfect match for your acne problem. These products help you skin get rid of acne and zits. It gives you a flawless skin for sure.


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