Sunday, June 12, 2011

Its Henna Time - Coz I luv mehndi

While it was pouring cats and dogs yesterday in Mumbai  - the afternoon and evening had become too gloomy.. So while I was hunting for some munchies in kitchen cupboards - Look what i found --- WHY ITS A MEHNDI CONE ! My mom had got it for me a few days back. . .

So I decided let's do something different this time ... i drew stars and swirls on my leg. . . .

My mom wanted a traditional design on her hand ... so i did this on her hand ... she doesnt like too much " TAM JAM" hehehehe

Hope you all liked the designs ... 
So Do you like mehndi too ??  
Let me know, 

Till then Happy monsoon!! 


I love your comments ... share some love... leave a comment. . :)



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