Monday, June 27, 2011

Tvam Face Packs - from Beautee Naturelle.

Hi all , once again today I will be reviewing two face packs i got from Beautee Naturelle. These face pack belong to the brand "TVAM" and so far i am loving it.

Face Packs should be an integral part of skin care regimen as it has many benefits. Face packs helps in removing dead cells of skin and in toning up the skin....when used properly it conditions and tightens the skin. They work great to draw toxins and impurities out of your skin.There are different face packs available for each of the skin types. 

Today I will be reviewing two face packs i used from Tvam Brand - Mint Face Pack and Almond Face Pack.

My Skin Type : Combination to oily skin.

Product: Tvam Mint Face Pack.
Price: 330 Rupees.  
Quantity: 150 gms 

About the Product:
Mint, a natural antiseptic, helps heal eruptions like pimples or blackheads on the face and body. It also restores your skin's natural oil balance and stops scaling. 

My take on the Product:
I have combination to oily skin so this face pack is so very apt for my skin. I am also troubled with acne so i am extra careful in choosing which products will touch my face.
This face pack is light brown in color and consist of very fine minute granulated powder. 
The first time I used this product I was smitten with its aroma. The smell of the product takes back to your childhood when we use to buy 2 rupees worth peppermint candies from the shop. 

I mix the face pack powder with Gulabari Rose water and sometimes with Tvam's Toner. The result is the same it gives your face an extra glow afterwards.
The face pack is true to its claim of preventing acne. It also keeps my skin oil free for few hours.
All in all It is an excellent face pack for us oilies.

Love it or chuck it ? 
Love it ! Absolutely a must for oily skin people. I am definitely going to order this one once my face pack is finished.

Product: Tvam Almond Face Pack.

Price: 330 Rupees

Quantity: 150g

About the Product: 
Packed with the moisturizing power of almonds for that little extra every dry skin needs. Orange for a shot of Vitamin C, Neem and its antibacterial properties, Tulsi, Indian Barberry or Tree Turmeric come together in a jar to boost moisture and give you that enviable glow.

My Take on the Product:

This face pack will be best for dry-skinned people. Nevertheless I did use it for sometime. 
It is light yellow in color and the smells mostly of almonds. I like the tightening effect of the face pack. It didnt however work on me that well since my t-zone started getting oily after a bit. 
I used with face pack by mixing the finely gridded powder with Tvam's toner and It did bring a glow on my face. 
Overall - This is best suited for people with dry skin. I ll give this face pack to my sister since she has dry skin type. 

Love it or chuck it ?
I will pass this one and stick to the Mint Face Pack ! 

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Please note: The product was sent by the site's owner for consideration.


  1. Glad you like the mint FP! If you know someone with mature/40+ skin in addition to dry skin, can you have them try out the almond FP? Also try mixing it with cream/milk + honey. Thanks again Riddhi! Am really liking your pix.

  2. hey meg !!! luv d mint fp.... almond one i ll give it to my mom ... :)

  3. Rids...u r becoming popular by the day!! Keep it up!

  4. love facepacks! this one looks so good! :) great review!

  5. @ peach n kiran - they r really gud giv em a try

  6. Thanks for sharing nice information.Your articles are always helpful.


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