Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Gift : L'Occitane Desert Rose Hand Cream.

L'Occitane surprised me by sending over a Christmas present - I was ecstatic - Not only because I have never tried any products from this brand before but also because L'Occitane is way over my budget right now - Having A L'occitane Baby in my vanity meant BLISS !!!!

I received two L'Occitane products wrapped up in a misty green box which was wrapped up by a beige ribbon around it. Inside the box was L'Occitane's Desert Rose Hand Cream and  Delice des Fruits Shower Jelly.  

The first time I picked up to use was the limited edition Desert Rose Hand Cream, mostly because I loved the packaging. The product is sleek and comes in a Bright Bold Patterned Pink tube packaging - SOO CUTE !! You will be surely tempted to buy this !!!

Winter times and constantly washing my hands every hour tends to make them super dry. To top it all, I have a problem of hang nails - which sometimes tends to be very painful if pulled or tampered. 

I needed a proper hand cream with super moisturizing capabilities. I tried other hand creams but they just couldn't do the trick !! I ended up slathering body butter onto my hands and for my nails and cuticle I used Nail butter from Oriflame. The combination of both the product worked just fine.

L’Occitane’s Desert Rose Hand Cream is part of the new Shea Butter collection,Inspired by the colours and scents of Africa. I tried it for two weeks now and the product has bowled me over, it comes out like a dry cream -it's not wet and buttery, and it sinks into the skin very easily without leaving any greasiness.

Most importantly the hand cream, smelled really, really, good. Pretty but subtle and floral - The aroma tends to linger on for quite sometime. It will tempt to keep your hands around the nose all the time. The Shea Butter formula in the cream is fantastic in providing moisturization for hands for a long time. Pea - Size amount is all you need over both hands - Which is amazing !!! The product will last you for a long time.

I will Definitely Recommend this cream - if you’re into lotions that smell like nice things. It makes a perfect product to be kept with you all day long in your hangbag. 

Love it Or Chuck it ?


Have you tried L'Occitane Products Before ?? 



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