Friday, January 6, 2012

Shopping Experience with Accessories Ville !!

World is going to end in 2012 !!!! No time to waste and that's why I have been Hauling like a Shopping Maniac since past few months !! *giggles* Yesterday I posted about Beauty Products Haul HERE. Today just moment's ago I received a package - I received my bag which I had purchased in December.

I got the bag through my friend who I met through Facebook. I know !! The whole world is hooked up on Facebook. Anyways !!!  She happened to be the co-founder of a small online business she owns on Facebook. It goes by the name of "Accessories Ville - All about Fantasy and Fashion Urself."

A little information on Accessories Ville --

This company was founded on 31st July 2011 by two young girls Ananta Majumdar Patel & my friend - Spruha Shah.  It is a typical teenage girls company having all Trendy accessories like Necklaces
Statement Jewelry, Stylish Handbags, Latest Fashion Wear and they plan to expand it more by incorporating many more things.

The company is not even a year old and it has got an overwhelming response already. The two girls have proved to be so efficient by managing the online shopping business.

Some of the snapshots of the Products They sell --

My Experience --
I was looking for a sling type bag - Not exactly a satchel but something which is multi-purpose ..goes with every outfit kinda thing. I had checked out Esbeda stores but they had too much of Bling thing going on... That's when Ananta put up new collection of bags on Facebook and I found just the thing I was looking for...
I immediately messaged Spruha to get the details of the bag as I intended to buy it. I was promptly replied back within a day by Ananta stating the details of the bag and the colors which were available. I booked my bag on 12th December. I was told to wait for few weeks as Festive season was on - The bag was out of stock and shipment was taking lots of time.
After waiting patiently for weeks, It was few days before 31st December that I got a confirmatory mail stating the bag is in stock and ready to be shipped. I was given bank details and asked to transfer the payment after which the bag will be dispatched.
Within a day of transferring the money - I was again contacted by the owner that the payment was received and the bag is already dispatched.
The bag arrived safely today through DTDC Courier services - wrapped securely in brown paper and layers of plastic wrapping. The bag was provided with a cover bag - Which is a boon for storing bags !!!

Below are the Stock Pictures and Actual Pictures of the Bag I got ---

TADA !!! The bag I got is a light grey leather sling bag with metallic studs. The leather of the bag is soft.

Metallic studs to get that SPUNK ON !!!  hehehe

The bag is lined by a good sky blue felt like material.

You dont like Sling Bags !! No Problem - The bag is provided by Chain Link Short Belt too - You can Remove the long Belts and clip in the short one - Sling it on your shoulders and your Ready to go !! 

You can Remove both the Belts ALSO - If you opt to use the handle on the bag.

A small coin compartment at the backside of the bag - You never with enough change !!!!

Final Word--
Keeping aside the impatient waiting period - I had a lovely experience shopping through this online store. Hats Off to the entrepreneurial skills of these teenage girls who are managing a FAB job !! For further expanding their Business I would suggest these girls to enable customers to make their payment through Paypal and Credit Card. It will be great if they can introduce Cash on Delivery Option Too.   

Check Out Their Facebook Store -- HERE. I am sure You will be tempted to buy something that fancies your eyes....

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