Monday, January 16, 2012

My Pretty Dolls : KKcenterHK LINGMEI Dual use Eyeliner

I am so excited to share with you the most cute eyeliners ever !!! Asian Makeup is fast catching everyone's attention - thanks to the lovely packaging and economic rates at which they are selling the products.

One of such products is KKcenterHK LINGMEI Two-headed Dual-use Big Eye Eyeliner.These are cleverly designed dual use eyeliner bottles - which can double up as eye pencil or kohl or gel liners too !!

LINGMEI Two-headed Dual-use Big Eye Eyeliner includes eyeliner gel and eyeliner pen which is very convenient to use, the color of the eyeliner is darkest black.. kinda reminds me of the traditional eyeliners we use to get years ago before gel liners became a rage. Do you remember using Lakme's liquid eyeliner in a glass bottle ?? hehehe... yups I do .. was using it still when I was in college... This liner gives the same effect as those liquid liners - dark black lines with a glossy look. 

The outer packaging of the product is the thing which attracted me the most !! The cute little dolls in all the possible colors - Yellow, Pink, Brown, Green, Purple, Black !! All of them having a unique personality to them - a different expression and cute outfits !!! These liners come at the price of USD 6$ on KKcenterHK- Here.

I've been using these non-stop - everywhere I can possibly wear, since I've received them. It is super easy to use - The long cap of the eyeliner makes it so comfortable to hold and maneuver it over your lids. You can create a perfect wing !! The brush of the eyeliner is apt for making both - thin  and thick lines.

The eyeliner gel is also convenient to use - you simply twist the cap up to use the eye pencil - which can be used as kohl too.. Both the liquid eyeliner and the eyeliner gel are not waterproof ...Boo Hoo :(

The liquid liner brush is swift and easy to maneuver. 

Eyeliner gel swatch

Top glossy line is the liquid eyeliner swatch - You want more natural look then opt for the eyeliner gel.

The liquid eyeliner, however , is super quick drying - the moment you apply it ... It will stay put on your lids the whole day - no matter how much you rub your eyes... But Yes ! It will easily come off with water. The eyeliner gel is also not smudge proof... Which is sad !!  :(  You need to wait for a while - then if you rub the gel - it will still smudge a bit -but not completely...

All in all , I am happy with the cute dolls I received - Green one and Purple one - The green one is my absolute favorite !! These cute liners will make a perfect gift for your friends or little cousins who are beginners at makeup.

Hats off ! to Asian companies who make such products so fun to use ... :) Do check out KKcenterHK website Here for more of exciting cute products !!!

Please note: The product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.



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